How to bet with 1xbet – Guide for Indian Bettors

How to bet with 1xbet – Guide for Indian Bettors

For those just getting started, 1xBet is an excellent alternative. You may wager on every sport at the website, using a wide range of events as a basis. High odds ensure a large profit if you win. With low fees and quick payouts, financial transactions are simple to handle. Winnings are paid out as quickly as possible with no hassles. You’ll have access to a wide variety of betting markets, as well as live streaming and other features that make 1xBet a top choice for Indian bettors.

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How to start betting with 1xBet?

To begin betting, you must first register on the bookmaker’s official site using a computer or mobile device, then deposit your account. You may enter in a variety of ways for registration, so you have lots of alternatives. Making a deposit is also straightforward.

The button “Registration” is located on the right side of the website’s main page, next to the “Log in” option. A form will appear where you can select how you want to register:

The fastest method to register is through a 1-click option. In the drop-down list, choose your country and currency of deposit. If there is a promotional code, simply enter it in the designated field. You will be given an individual login and password after completing the registration. These are random strings of characters that you should save in order not to forget. The system will provide several data-saving methods, especially by phone. You enter the digits of your mobile phone to which you wish to send SMS messages with the login and password. The same information will be visible in your personal profile later.  You choose the account’s currency, write any promotional code, and confirm the intent to register by entering the confirmation code, which was received by phone in the previous step. After that, you will be able to log in and start betting.

Login using the supplied login and password to access your account. After signing in, go to your personal cabinet and complete your profile. This is required to establish your identity as a player and confirm your personal information.

Now that you are registered with 1xBet, you may be wondering how to place a first deposit. It’s actually quite simple.

the number of your cell phone, to which you order SMS with the registration confirmation co register.

First deposit

You must fund your account in order to wager. The following are some of the ways to do so:

  • from a bank card;
  • through a terminal;
  • from online banking;
  • through an e-wallet;
  • from a mobile account;
  • through a cryptocurrency exchange.

On the bookmaker’s website, you’ll see the “Deposit” option in the upper right corner. A window will open in front of you, where you need to select the appropriate deposit option. Then just follow the prompts of the system, like instructions, to complete the process.

The bookmaker gives you a 100 percent bonus on your first deposit, with a maximum of 5,000 rubles. It is impossible to withdraw it. The bonus must be wagered, and any earnings attained as a result of successful wagering may only be sent to your account for cash withdrawal. The bonus is issued for players who deposit and wager at least £10 on each of three or more events with odds higher than 1.5.

Basic types and designations of bets at 1xBet

Outcome. The most popular betting choice is to predict the game or match outcome. To do so, you must select one of the options in this category. The order of the teams is determined as follows: P1 – first team, P2 – second player, and X – a draw. The double outcome is possible, such as a victory for the first club or a draw;

Total. You’ve got to guess the total amount of objectives in each case, based on the initials – TM for less or TB for more. You may also adjust the totals in real time and make individual adjustments.

That’s why the term “total more / less” is used. The total does not account for which team will score a goal. The total score and handicap are added together. It’s a form of assistance for the team or player you’re betting on. You choose the factor that will be taken into account when calculating the final result.

If you pick a handicap of “1.5,” it means that the result of the team on which the bet is placed will be increased by 1.5 goals.The ultimate figure will be utilized to calculate the wager. If you pick -1.5, this number will be subtracted from your final result. A handicap described as a disadvantage F1 and F2; Asian handicap. He applies the same regulations to handicaps that he does to quarter-second disadvantages, but you can wager money using quarter values, for example:(-1,25), (+1,75), (-2,75), (+1,25). The designations are the same – F1 and F2.

Bettors select the greatest sort of betting for their own skill and taste.

Types of bets and their features

When it comes to making predictions on certain sports, the type of bets should also be taken into account. You may contact 1xBet’s customer service. Although you are a new client, we will accept your payment for the whole year.

Single bets

A single bet is one that involves betting on a single contest or outcome.Choose the game or match you’re interested in, then forecast the competition’s outcome: P1, P2 or X. The first team wins, the second team wins, and there is a draw. It is easy to calculate. If your prediction comes true, the odds are multiplied by your bet amount.

Express bets

To create an express bet, you must choose a set of competing outcomes for a sporting event. The profits will be the total of all bets multiplied by the odds if your prediction is correct. If at least one forecast is incorrect, your parlay will be a loser. You can have a total of ten events on one wager, which is the norm.

What is a system in 1xBet betting

A system has a maximum of 12 events in it. The maximum number of distinct ways to perform 924 actions exists.

It is worth noting that bets in this format are quite complicated, as well as the calculation of winnings, so they are done mainly by experienced bettors who are already well versed in singles and expresses, make a lot of successful bets. It is difficult for a novice in the world of betting to grasp this subject, so it is not suggested that you begin with such combinations.

Live betting

These bets are very much in demand these days. You are offered to make a bet after the start of the match or game until the end. To make a bet, you need to select the appropriate section “Live” in the top menu bar. A list of all current events will be presented there. Choose the one for which you can make the most accurate prediction.

Here you are offered a whole set of outcomes: winning the first or the second team, a draw and also there is an opportunity to choose the double option, for example, winning the first team or a draw, winning the first or the second team, etc. The calculation is carried out after the end of the competition.

First, decide what type of bets you will work with, we have considered the basic ones above. In the listings you can find bets on outcomes, handicaps, totals, double odds, halftime/match and so on. 1xBet offers a very extensive list of bets! In the big column on the left you will see the entire line divided by sports. At the very top is the live betting section. At the bottom there is a section of upcoming events.

Select your favorite sport. The most popular ones, as you might guess, are at the top of the list. We’re talking about soccer, hockey, tennis, basketball and volleyball here.

Select an event and go to its detailed page to view a complete spread, which is a list of potential wagers provided by bookmakers. They are organized into categories for convenience.

To complete a parlay, simply select the odds of each bet one by one. Simply click on any number of odds to build a parlay. All of them will be combined into a single slip. The amount you want to wager must be entered in the slip.

The bookmaker will automatically show your potential profit. To calculate your net winnings use a simple formula – bet amount * odds – bet amount. All you have to do is to click on the “Make bet” button and wait for the end of the event. The history of your bets is always available in your personal cabinet.

1xbet offers a very extensive list of bets for its customers to choose from. You can find bets on outcomes, handicaps, totals, and more. In addition to this, 1xbet offers live betting which allows you to place bets after the start of the match or game. This makes for an exciting experience for all bettors involved

How to bet on 1xBet without losing?

Speaking about how to bet for beginners, let’s note that the simplest are considered single variants in LIVE mode. Here you can see how the game started, what prospects are looming, you can guess how the meeting of teams will end. Expresses allow you to win a larger amount, but require more careful analysis. In general, to increase your chances of success, you need to:

choose a sport in which you were able to understand; bet on competitions involving familiar teams; use strategies, preferably your own. Beginners should pay attention to popular strategies of professionals; do not give in to gambling, form coupons responsibly; carefully study materials concerning teams, pay attention to the forecasts of experts, but the decisive opinion should be yours.

Betting on sports should be responsible, without haste and risky decisions. Then you can count on success.

How to bet on 1xBet from your phone

Fans of mobile devices will be happy to know that 1xBet specialists have worked on creating a simplified version of the site, as well as applications for Android and iOS. They can be downloaded from the official website.

To bet on 1xBet from your phone, you need to do everything the same as in the regular version of the site. As soon as you go to the resource of the bookmaker’s office on the Internet, the mobile version will open. There will be a slightly different interface. There you can also deposit 1xBet from your phone.

Strategies worth using for beginners

Today there are many strategies that bettors use, increasing the chances of profit from their hobby. Consider the most popular systems that players use most often.

Fixed percentage of the bank or flat bets

This strategy in practice shows good results. The essence is that the player, having deposited an account on the website of the betting company, immediately determines the amount of bets that he will make. It is 1-3% of the bank – the amount of the deposit. Thus, he protects himself as much as possible from losing all the money, gets a high chance of capital growth.

When the account balance increases, for example, by 50%, the flat should be determined taking into account the new amount.

Kelly criterion

Also quite a popular strategy. It, too, is based on determining the optimal amount that can be bet on a particular event, taking into account the balance of the account. But here the bookmaker’s odds are also taken into account, as well as the probability of the chosen outcome. Let’s look at an example:

On your account $1000; the bookmaker’s coefficient – 3; the probability of the outcome – 0,4.

Substitute the values into the formula and obtain: С = (3*0,4-1)/(3-1) = 0,1. The unit in the formula is a constant value. 0.1 – the percentage of the total balance. As a result, we obtain that it is necessary to bet $100 on a particular event.

The risk lies in determining the probability of a particular outcome. You should set the figure as objectively as possible.

Do I use the Dogon?

Dogon is a strategy that is based on determining the amount you will bet in a particular situation, taking into account the success and profitability of past bets. It is calculated by a special formula. The main task is to get back the lost funds. But in this case, you need to have a large bank and understand that you risk losing it. For beginners, such a strategy is not suitable because of the high risks and large financial expenditures.

Consider another example: we bet on the victory of a particular team in football and lose. The amount of the next bet should be equal to: V2/C-1; V – amount of loss, C – coefficient of the bookmaker on this outcome.

If you win, then stop playing according to this system. If you lose again, you need to make a new calculation of the amount.

It is worth emphasizing that it is necessary to use this strategy only

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