How to ace the essay section of IELTS: # Unique Tips Preparation and Practice

Studying for an IELTS essay might feel unnecessary to some, but it is otherwise. The essay portion checks your writing ability along with how you frame arguments and provide solutions. You can prepare for this exam by practising common IELTS essay topics.

This blog will help you know some of the best tips that will enhance your writing performance. To know more in detail please visit:

Why is the Essay Section of IELTS Important?

The essay section of IELTS is one of the major portions in the exam format. It is important to attend to the question because it assesses –

  • Your vocabulary
  • Ability to organise ideas
  • The capability of framing correct arguments
  • Your approach to finding solutions

How To Prepare and Practice for IELTS Essay?

  • Know the test format clearly

The test is divided into listening, academic reading, general training reading, academic writing, general training writing, and speaking. The writing sections are 60 minutes each and comprise 2 questions; Task 1 and Task 2. In Task 2, applicants need to write a 250-word essay on the provided topic.

  • Practice sample essay topics

Regularly practising sample IELTS essay topics will help you familiarise yourself with the format. It will also let you learn how much time you spend on each essay question. In addition to it, the more you practice writing, the more you improve your vocabulary and make your grammar usage better.

  • Take regular practice tests

An aspiring individual needs to be aware of where he or she stands before appearing for the final exam. You can choose from a timed and an untimed practice test. It is the best way of prepping up before the final day.

  • Study the official IELTS reading materials

Some candidates might feel the practice tests aren’t enough and they need some more assistance. They can purchase IELTS practise materials online. These study materials are developed in such a way that the applicants understand the exam pattern along with its type of questions.

Tips to Write the Best Essay on IELTS

1. Be relevant

IELTS essay topics are generally based either on recent developments or some evergreen subjects, like technology, education, society, government etc. Hence being relevant is the key.

One must keep in mind to answer directly when writing the essay questions. Unnecessarily going in rounds makes the essay complicated to read. Also, make sure to use examples that are familiar to you. Writing incorrect facts and data can impact the essays’ scores.

2. Do not over generalise

Even if the topic is very generic, your approach toward it must be unique. Over-generalising any topic will make it irrelevant and monotonous.

Another key point applicants must keep in mind is always advisable to produce a unique essay. However, it is not as difficult as it sounds. As you practice your writing skills, you develop your approach and how to frame your essay without sounding very general.

3. Avoid producing a memorised essay

Often it happens that after practising so many essay topics, you somehow get to know them by heart. And if you coincidentally get a known essay topic on your exam day, you produce a memorised version of the same.

Refrain yourself from doing such things. Otherwise, it will lack the personal touch of your essay, which makes it unique.

4. Answer all parts of the questions

You must read all the questions carefully and figure out how many parts there are. It is essential to answer all the parts of the question.

You must be careful in deciding the sections of a question and frame your opinions accordingly. It is because your presentation will reflect whether you understood the question or not. Therefore, provide proper justification for your opinion and do not ignore any part of the question.

5. Organise the essay logically

For IELTS, you need to follow a very basic essay format. You begin with a crisp introduction, then its body addressing your opinion or views and sometimes both, followed by a conclusion.

When framing the essay, make sure to state all points clearly. Also, be very cautious while explaining your opinion. It must be easy to follow. In addition, ensure the flow is maintained throughout the essay.

6. Divide the write-up into paragraphs

Those applying for IELTS must keep in mind that the essay question needs to be written in a manner that is easy to read. So, you can divide it into sub-parts by not disrupting the flow in writing is the best way of presentation.

Experts from IELTS suggest maintaining the PEEL while writing an essay. PEEL stands for –

Point – Highlight the topic in your introduction.

Example – Use instances that you are familiar with that support your point.

Explain – Accurately explain why these examples support your opinion.

Link – Use transitions to link the next paragraph or sub-part.

Bonus Tips to Ace the IELTS Essay

  1. Make an outline before you start.
  2. Focus on the language of your essay.
  3. Try to use less common vocabulary.
  4. Avoid overused phrases and idioms in your answer.
  5. Keep your ideas simple, do not complicate them unnecessarily.
  6. Do not divert from the topic.
  7. Try to prove that you are capable of using error-free complex sentences.
  8. Fulfil the word limit.
  9. Keep a checklist to yourself to recheck if every aspect is met.
  10. Revise and recheck.

We understand appearing in the IELTS is challenging. To help you prepare, we presented these useful tips for you to ace the IELTS essay topics.

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