How the Cloud Has Made all Business Functions Accessible to all

Even the smallest businesses can have access to the same software and applications that the big players do. There are several business functions that this has affected more than others, and they are discussed below; if your business hasn’t looked to improve these aspects of its operations, perhaps now is the time to consider what is available in the cloud.

In a nutshell and as a starting point, cloud computing is the on-demand provision of or access to IT services over the internet. The following aspects are those that successful modern businesses are accessing and using in the cloud to drive increases in revenue. Instead of owning and maintaining your own data centers, servers and databases, you can now simply access these as and when your business needs them.


Having access to the appropriate software, hardware and infrastructure to put together a content marketing campaign for all sized businesses is crucial. In the modern data-driven world of online business, this can only arguably be done in the cloud. The best advice in this regard is to ensure that those who design and build your business website, should also be linked and involved in the marketing process to ensure integration. A notable example is professional web design Cheltenham, which shows exactly how you should link a website to a good CRM platform in the cloud.


There can be no analysis of big data and its use in developing brand loyalty without the actual storage of big data, and this can only be done in a professional and logical manner in the cloud. Off-site servers and massive amounts of storage space can be accessed as and when you need it. It must also be safe and backed up to allow access at all times and from all places in a secure fashion.

Data analytics

Data-driven decision-making is one of the biggest leaps forward that modern business has made. With the availability of cloud computing resources, any size business is able to access the software and the analytics to eliminate the guesswork involved in understanding your clients.

Infrastructure as a service and platforms as a service

Being able to access an entire computing platform for a specific function such as marketing and customer relations is key in this day and age and this is the expression of ‘platform as a service‘. The complexity of the process, monitoring, and the development and maintenance of the marketing platform, is thus given over to the IT or marketing professional.

The business functions mentioned herein are but a few of the professional services and support functions that are readily available in the cloud. In an age when data is considered as important, if not more so than gold, it is pertinent for all businesses to be able to interact and engage in the cloud. Acceptedly it was a concept that was shrouded in secrecy and confusion, but as with all technology, it is now a simple to understand process that has been simplified and the costs have declined for the cloud to be a viable business solution for all.