In view of a prudent and satisfactory decision such as that of renting a car to solve mobility problems,  the fundamental factor is obviously that relating to the category of the car for which one chooses, to be identified taking into account personal travel needs.

There are those who prefer a car that is pleasant to drive and those who prefer reduced fuel consumption or those who need a large trunk and those who are satisfied with a model with small dimensions.

It is worth knowing that car rental companies only rarely ensure a specific model of the car unless this is explicitly contemplated with the relative payment of an ad hoc fee.

This is a policy whose motivations are easy to understand, especially when you consider that car rental fleets are based on a wide variety of models and brands.

The rental agencies providing 8 passenger SUV rental, especially during the holidays and in the high season,  receive a large number of bookings and automatically distribute the assignment of the vehicle according to the availability in their fleet: in short, it is not difficult to understand that being able to insure an all customers the machine models they really want is not always smooth.

The problem, however, can be solved easily: rental companies group different models into specific categories, but due to the intense demand traffic, they guarantee the type of car that can be a utility car rather than a compact.

This is the fundamental data to ensure that the customer still has the right vehicle according to their needs.


The most relevant parameters for the classification of cars and their inclusion in the various categories have to do with the power of the vehicles, their dimensions, the type of gearbox, which can be automatic or manual, the number of doors and the presence of ‘air conditioning.

Our RBC Autonoleggio agency  makes up the fleet categories in the following arrangement:

City Car Group: small cars with 1.2 engines, a space for n. 4 passengers and a small luggage compartment. These vehicles are an excellent choice to travel in a metropolis like Rome accompanied by excellent rental prices.

Category B: a compact economy that can comfortably carry 5 passengers while respecting a low budget.

Category C: compact sedans, vehicles with a high-performance engine, capable of carrying 5 passengers with an interior space useful for a long journey

Category G: 9-seater minibuses,  vehicles that are now an established reality in the car rental landscape, suitable for families, groups of friends, music bands or sports clubs. They are able to transport all passengers comfortably and satisfactorily with all the environmental and technological comforts in the passenger compartment.

Not all rental car agencies use the same attribution, the information that remains fundamental in choosing the category of the rental car is that it is not possible to choose the model and make of the vehicle but rather the type.

Obviously, the choice of the category then becomes one of the main factors that will also affect the final cost, with some peculiarities connected to the offers of the moment.