How Teachers Can Use Videos in Education

Memes are entertaining, they are easier to understand and their biggest audience? The youth. Undoubtedly teachers are finding innovative and effective ways to include popular memes in educating their students. Memes can be an effective medium when it comes to spreading awareness and educating. They can truly make education fun.

The Lustige Videos – witziges Video | PutPut is a leading source of fresh memes, funny videos and videos. It is a social network in Germany where students to teachers, everyone can find relevant memes to keep themselves entertained and connect to more and more people.

Here are some interesting ways in which teachers can and are using such funny videos to redefine education.

  • Enhance Vocabulary.

For most, visuals work better than plain text. Teachers are using favourite meme characters such as Kermit the Frog or Sponge Bob to help students remember newer words. Simply use the word at the top and place a related funny catchphrase at the bottom. This will not only just help the students remember the meaning of the words but also help in easier and better understanding.

  • Better Revision.

We know that a lesson is only fruitful when it is effectively instilled in a student’s mind with the help of a quick revision. This is why teachers keep reminding students to revise right on the day they receive the lesson. But there’s never a guarantee that all students will end up revising. A number of students will end up forgetting the lesson altogether. This on-the-day revision can be made easier and possible with memes. Even if your students don’t end up revising their lessons, you can share silly humorous subject memes to help students retain their lessons better. They can also perceive the topic from a fresher and a more interesting angle.

  • Introduction

The stronger the ties are between a teacher and their students, the better. This is also where memes can help. Instead of having the conventional one-on-one introductory class, teachers can use memes to make it more exciting. New teachers can engage their students in a fun activity where they’d ask their students to make introductory memes of themselves. This will assuredly amuse and excitedly engage the students and help you recognise them better. This can also help in building stronger teacher-student ties on the very first class.

  • Establishing Class Rules

Students tend to ignore the boring segment when teachers explain their preferred class conduct and try to establish class rules. And teachers too get tired of repeatedly correcting the misbehaving students. Memes can help teachers and students effectively establish how they are expected to behave and perform in a class in a more fun way rather than being strict. They can also paste these memes declaring the rules and conditions on the classroom boards.

  • Keep Students Engaged to the Lesser Interesting Lessons

Memes can make the most boring lesson amusing. Whether it is instilling math formulas or historical events, the visual aid of memes can help significantly in remembering. They can also add a refreshment amidst dragging, dull lessons. Even if a student does get detached from the lesson, they can be brought back to pay attention with the help of Lustige Videos – witziges Video | PutPut.

Teachers have been using memes to teach their students and it has been a rewarding experience for both the students and the teachers. They have proven to be quite an effective tool in teaching and just by including them, students have not only performed better but also actively shown increased interest.

Students too are using memes to discuss about commonly faced problems and struggles, relate to other students and educate themselves further than the set curriculum.

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