How Sypwai helps businesses?

We have heard more than once and perhaps repeated ourselves that the world after the pandemic will not be the same. We may not even agree with this, but reality and statistics are stubborn – the world has really changed in a big way. And now “remote work”, “online services” are very clear and everyday terms. These trends have not bypassed modern business, which is significantly assisted in the process of digitalization by Sypwai.

Artificial intelligence and modern business

The pandemic has necessitated a shift to remote work. It was not easy, but now both companies and their employees have adapted and continue to work remotely.

The transition to customer service in remote channels has led to a change in emphasis in the work of contact centers. Due to the increased flow of calls, contact centers are overloaded with typical customer requests and processing routine tasks, which is forced to push sales to the background.

The need for contact center operators has grown significantly, whose task is to advise, accompany sales, work with feedback from customers, and so on. For business, these are additional costs, which are aggravated by a number of restrictions and imperfections. It is no secret that a person is the most expensive resource, which is also difficult to work with. It is not easy to teach, it takes a lot of time to gain experience and quality service, it is emotionally unstable, makes mistakes, needs rest, vacation, salary increase, and so on.

However, there is also good news. With the current level of development of artificial intelligence (AI), neural networks and automation based on omnichannel dialogue systems, there is no need to expand the contact center. Robots created on the news hunt basis of neurotechnologies are able, following the standards of the organization, to serve customers 24/7 without interruptions, errors and disruptions, providing a competitive songsindia replacement for live employees.

Digital business transformation is the use of technological achievements of artificial intelligence and the formation of the concept of the enterprise of the onlinebahisforum future. Today, this concept does not look like a utopia or fantasy. It is actively promoted and popularized.

Self-learning AI is a new trend in the work of companies

There is the concept of “omnichannel robot”. This is a telesup single universal central hub through which all client activities pass. Such a robot is a seamless omnichannel environment with text and voice communication on incoming and outgoing requests, while maintaining context in all channels.

Such a virtual assistant passes all communications through itself. The machine captures all the nuances of communication with the client, does not miss a single word, recognizes the intentions of clients, understands what is at stake, after connecting the operator, monitors how employees communicate. All this information is processed automatically with the possibility of making an automatic decision.

With complete, comprehensive information about customer communications, the virtual assistant is the ideal predictive management tool. What does it give?

Thanks to AI, company management can receive an online forecast of the objective state of the business. Understanding the trends of what is happening now in the market, thanks to the fastest possible feedback from customers. Customers in the mode of dialogue with the operator can talk about competitors, their products and services. For the company, this is valuable information that the operator can miss, and the robot will definitely remember and provide interested employees.

The information collected by the robot improves the efficiency of decision-making. This helps to control the quality of service, to quickly train employees on relevant live examples of customer communication. It also allows you to form product lines and groups in accordance with market expectations, to identify gray areas of lost profits. Marketing, using data from the robot, understands how to spend money on advertising as efficiently as possible.

In order to become the enterprise of the future, companies need to implement:

  • an effective strategy for the implementation of technological opportunities;
  • high-quality omnichannel systems;
  • modern scalable analysis and analytics platform;
  • scalable hybrid infrastructure – a combination of local and cloud resources;
  • basic analysis systems with customization and scaling;
  • safe and secure internal and external security perimeters.

To implement all this today is not so difficult. It is more difficult to achieve full integration and ease of management. As a rule, any company uses both its own solutions and the development of several vendors. The resulting chaos greatly slows down both management and response to changing client requests, thereby slowing down the transition to a new level of technological development.

The problem can be solved thanks to artificial intelligence machine learning. One of the most effective methods of such learning is to solve many simple but diverse logical problems. Sypwai has developed a platform for this purpose, in which everyone can participate. From an ordinary user of the Sypwai platform, only elementary actions are required, no more complicated than entering a captcha. And this work is paid by the management of the company.

How to register on the Sypwai platform?

Go to the official website of the company. When registering, you will have to fill out the required form. You are required to provide a username and a complex password, as well as provide your email address and phone number. A verification code will be sent to your phone, and a message will be sent to your email address, opening which you will confirm the registration. This double check system protects users from leakage of confidential information. After registration, you will receive the necessary instructions and will be able to start working.

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