How Not to be a Job Market Junkie

Looking for a job is a little like dating. You know what your dream is but you just haven’t found it yet no matter how often you check your email or scroll listings. You will know the right one when you see it and hope that it will show up tomorrow in one of the services you have signed up for. So what can you do to hasten the process of finding your dream job? What can you do with all that pent-up energy? Here are some ideas of what to focus your attention on and break the habit of being a job market junkie.

Be Ready to Flex

Write your resume like it was for your best friend and you want to flex all the amazing things this person has done and the qualities you admire most. Leave nothing out because everything is important, from when you conquered setting up revenue operations for your previous company, to when you worked retail during holidays last year. Your resume is one way to land the interview and is your first piece of marketing yourself, so paint a dynamic picture that your dream job will not be able to resist. Be confident in preparing what you will ask during interviews and how you might respond to standard questions.

Get Out There

Scrolling for jobs may be addictive and hypnotic, but eventually, you need to stop and reach out. Utilize social media, your contacts and any people you met while networking at previous jobs or schooling. Let people know what it is you are looking for and what you have to offer. Set up lunches, coffee dates or happy hours with the clear intention of discussing opportunities. Professional mixers are great places to network and meet potential employers. They present strong possibilities for future work because that is what brings people there.The average flight attendant salary texas.

Make it Real

The beautiful difference between finding your perfect job and finding your perfect mate is that you can make your dream job exist, but that mate is up to fate. Be curious enough about your what is happening in your field to keep looking until you strike gold. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes along the way because you will learn from them and they make great stories. Be humble about what you have achieved but never downplay what you know.

Open Up

Look for a mentor who can guide you along your path and relate to who you are and what you what to accomplish. This should be a person you can have a long-term relationship with so as you progress in or towards your dream job, the steady hand and sharp mind of this knowledgable person will be there to trust and rely on. If you find this person in your dream job, all the better, because now you have a leadership example that you can one day grow to imitate. Let your mentor know who you are and what you are about so you can make a strong connection.

Keep on Moving

The right job is out there for you, just keep trying. Don’t limit yourself to the definitions of your degree, but adapt the skills you have learned to fit the dream of what it is you want to build. Continue to learn by looking for additional training. You can find classes online or in your community that can enhance the education you have to make you even more marketable. Learning is good for the mind just like exercising is good for the body.

Today’s job market is very fluid and it is not unusual for a person to stay in one place for only a few years. Being constantly on the search for bigger and better will hopefully lead to the job that you have been dreaming of, and refining how to market yourself, meet people and continue to move forward will turn your dream into reality sooner rather than later.