How Music Helps To Motivate People

Music plays such a huge part in the daily lives of everyone you meet. Whether it is your partner, your boss, or even the old lady you met in the supermarket, all of them will have been impacted by music in some form throughout their lives. There are so many ways to use music, and you would be surprised by how it appears daily without you even noticing.

Music can be motivational

If you ever have the radio on at work, you might not think anything of it, merely considering it to be background noise. While that is true to some extent, music tends to be able to increase both mood and productivity within a workplace. Regarded as the Mozart effect, it suggests that having music on in the background when performing repetitive tasks positively affects the workers involved, as their mood and productivity both increase. Whether this is purely because the music sounded good is up for speculation but look at it logically. If the music you like or at least recognize comes on the radio, you tend to hum along to it when working. Subconsciously this works in the background, and before you realize it, you finished your task because you had renewed focus. It might just be a coincidence, but if it was silent, would you have the same result?

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Familiarity breeds excitement

The same concept can be applied to online gaming as when playing on slots machines, they make exciting noises when things are going well, so naturally, you want to play a bit more because you want to keep hearing those sounds. It all works subconsciously where your mind tells you that you want to keep hearing those exciting noises as it indicates that you are in a fun and enjoyable environment. Even the mobile versions operate like this, and as with any canada mobile casino, you can play to your heart’s content, although there is the option to mute the sounds if you don’t care for them.

Whistle while you work

Finally, returning to music as a motivator, have you ever had a mountain of housework to get through at home? More often than not, the first instinct is to put a few songs on as background noise just so that you are not doing it in silence. The main reason for the music is to make the whole process seem less monotonous, and as such, it becomes part of the routine. Because people are creatures of habit, it then becomes natural to put music on in the background each time you clean, and sometimes people even have specific playlists for cleaning. There is nothing wrong with that, as familiarity often helps to motivate, and it just becomes normal. Through this, you could easily argue that music can persuade you to do things that you would rather not do, because who wants to clean a bathroom? So next time you put your favorite track on when washing the dishes, just take a second to think about why you’re doing it. The answer might surprise you.

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