How Man Made Diamonds Are Made

The first step in manufacturing lab grown diamonds is to carefully examine the raw material for quality. They are created in high-tech diamond factories, such as the one in Singapore, which is 200,000 square feet and produces more than 300,000 carats a year. The process of diamond crystal growth in a laboratory is highly controlled and replicates the creation of natural diamonds. Because the process is environmentally-friendly, lab grown diamonds are better for the environment. Instead of being mined from the ground, the stones are created by a unique deposition process called CVD. This creates a ring with an eye-catching and distinctive appearance with man-made diamond Perth.

Made by of Carbon Gases

The second step in making a lab-grown diamond involves creating a diamond seed. In this process, a mixture of carbon gases is added to the reactor under low pressure. Then, microwaves are used to heat the carbon gasses to produce a plasma. The plasma reaches several thousand degrees, breaking the molecules of each gas. Once the atoms are in contact with the seeds, they are bonded together. The result is a ring that sparkles and is worth thousands of dollars.

Unique natural characteristics

Lab-grown diamonds are also known as cultured or lab created diamonds. This process mimics the formation of natural diamonds. The diamonds are cut and polished the same way as mined diamonds, and are also able to display the unique characteristics of natural diamonds. The main difference between a natural and lab-grown gem is in the way the stone was produced. The diamonds are grown in a laboratory under specialized conditions, and the results are a perfect replica of the real thing.

In the final analysis, it is important to remember that diamonds are a special form of carbon. They can be formed inside the earth and on other planets, but they can also be created in a laboratory. The process of diamond growth is the same as that of mined diamonds, and this makes it possible to grow a diamond that looks just as natural as it does. When grading a lab grown gem, the process of examining the diamond is the same, and the 4 C’s are used to assess each grade of lab grown gem.

With Chemical composition 

Lab-grown diamonds are cheaper than mined diamonds and are identical in look and chemical composition. They have the same optical properties of natural diamonds, and they are ethically sourced. Furthermore, they are conflict-free, and eco-conscious. If you are looking for a diamond, it is a good idea to buy one made in a lab. Unlike imitation diamonds, they are guaranteed to be real.

Last Talk

If you’re looking for a diamond with a higher grade, you’ll want to find one with the highest quality. Compared to natural diamonds, they are more expensive. However, they still have more advantages than disadvantages. Since they’re made from the same material, man made diamond perth natural diamonds tend to be more durable. While a lab-grown diamond is more expensive than a natural diamond, they are not necessarily inferior in quality.