How Long Should Windshield Wipers Last on a 2017 Honda Civic?

New to taking care of your own vehicle? If so, replacing your own windshield wiper blades is a great way to start learning about your Honda Civic’s cyclical maintenance because it is a simple operation you can do in just a minute or two. If you have never replaced its blades before, you should check on their quality and condition even if you have not owned the vehicle for a full year. It’s often impossible to tell when a used car’s wipers were first installed with any confidence, so check for damage, reduced performance, or signs of wear to the contact surface. If you see any, it’s time to replace your blades immediately.

How Often You Should Be Replacing Your Wiper Blades

While there are several brands of performance wiper blade that boast longer lifespans, the safe assumption is that you should replace 2017 Honda Civic wiper blades at least once a year. If you invest in a performance blade and you live somewhere with mild weather, you might find the blades continue to perform longer than a year. In areas with extreme wind, ice, snow, or hail, wiper blades take additional wear. As a result, it might take an upgrade to a performance blade designed for inclement weather to get a full year between replacements.

Tips on How To Install Wiper Blades on Your Honda Civic

The first question you ask, before you try to buy or install anything, is what kind of windshield wipers do I need? While any brand that makes the right size will fit, car makers change the size of the wiper blades from year to year in unpredictable ways. They may stay the same for a few years and then change every year for a while, so you need to check on your make, model, and year to find out the right sizes. Sometimes there are even differences in wiper blade size between different editions of the vehicle in the same year. Luckily, the 2017 Honda Civic did not have that variation. You’ll need an 18 inch wiper for the passenger side and a 26 inch one for the driver’s side. Then it’s just four quick steps to complete installation.

  1. Raise the blade from the windshield so it stands clear
  2. Release the pinch clip holding the old blade in place and remove the blade
  3. Replace it with the new blade of the same size
  4. Repeat the operation for the opposite side, then lower the new blades to the windshield, start the car, and test the wipers to be sure they have a good  contact surface that clears wiper fluid efficiently. For more information visit

If you notice the performance of your blades slipping before a year is up, it’s worth looking at the warranty on the part. Performance brands tend to have some kind of quality assurance program, even if it doesn’t stretch to a full twelve months. It’s also worth looking into performance blades if you currently use economy blades and you find yourself changing them twice a year or more. Buying into a build that is designed for heavier weather could save you money in the long run. Learn more information of it Mullins farms