How does Rekeying work for homes and office

The need for a new key stems from many problems, whether it is because we have moved to a new apartment or office, lost our original keys or because you have seen suspicious movements outside your home. No matter the reasons, it is necessary as long as you feel it is necessary.

But in spite of wanting or needing this service, you have many doubts about its functions and how it could help you, as well as its elaboration. If you are here to solve your doubts, you have chosen the right place. Read on and without further ado, we will explain how this process is done and what benefits it brings to your home or office.

How do you change the combination of a lock?

After you have hired your professional locksmith to assess the situation you are currently in, the professional will take out a set of tools that he will implement on the multiple mechanisms of the lock plate. The previous evaluation is important since the type of tool depends on the lock. 

After this, the door plate will be removed from the door which is what protects the lock from being handled and then another plate will be put on which allows the key to be changed after some very slight internal, but mostly external changes. 

It is something that must be done very carefully because you never know if you can totally damage the lock and create a bigger problem, so it is always better to have it done by a professional who has the experience moving the cylinders and rings buxic that are inside each lock to give it a new type of key without complicating its usual use. 

In case it is a flat lock, the procedure only consists of removing the main plate and changing the location of the internal ones to have the shape of a new key. After this, a locksmith will take out a new key based on the specifications of the new lock. 

What are the advantages of changing the combination of a lock?

We could consider that the main benefit of changing the combination of a lock without changing the lock as a whole allows you to save a lot of money in the long run. Even though the knob or the outside may look ugly, the lock may be very durable over the years and may not need to be changed for a long time. 

In addition, you can keep your office or home secure by prioritizing that in case of loss of your keys, no one can enter your home and you can have a lock that responds only to your key, all without having to completely change the structure or its operation.

It should be noted that despite being a fairly widespread technique, not all locks can be changed, so you should be careful and ask your locksmith to make a general check of the situation and choose the option that best suits your home or office.

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