How does homework affect students stress

Homeworks has always been a part of any student’s academic journey. These can be as simple as a 10-item short test or as complex as a research paper for science homeworks. Whether they like it or not, they will receive assignments in various subjects. Unfortunately, their teachers might even give too many tasks for them to handle and submit on time. The quantity and difficulty of the homework are factors to consider on why they feel stressed while doing them. To educate yourself about the harms they can cause, you can read some commonly asked questions and the corresponding answers below.

How does doing homework affect the students’ psyche?

Students spend a lot of hours in class during school days. In those times, they participate in discussions and activities that can deplete their energy. By the end of the day, they already feel exhausted, so they want to relax instead. They prefer to hang out with their friends after a long day in school or watch some shows. But the fact that they still have to do assignments at home disheartens them.

So, how does homework cause stress, which later affects their psyche? First, they do their tasks half-heartedly to finish quickly. Even though they want to do well and learn, they prefer not to spend so much time on their assignments. Because they already have so much on their plate, it becomes challenging to manage their time for every activity.

The second one is that they cheat. Many opt to do this because they do not want to feel stressed from overworking. In the process, they sacrifice their values and defy the school rules.

Lastly, they lose motivation. Not having the motivation to do their assignments makes them feel more disinterested in school or learning in general. The homework stress they have has become a stumbling block in their learning and development. It defeats the purpose of this endeavor in the first place.

How does doing homework affect one’s overall health?

One of the reasons why homework is bad for the student’s health is that they overwork. The National Education Association and the National Parent Teacher Association advise that students spend only 10 minutes per grade level per night working on their assignments. Unfortunately, students are receiving more than the recommended, thus making them feel exhausted.

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Because they know how vital they are as a grading component, they strive hard to finish all of them. It even reaches a point where they sacrifice their health. They tend to pull all-nighters to maximize the remaining time before the deadline. This results in a lack of sleep, which could later affect their class performance and overall health. According to CDC, students who do not get enough sleep are at a higher risk of developing several physical and mental health problems. It shows that too much homework causes stress that could lead to more challenging dilemmas in the future.

How can parents help their children do their homework?

While parents cannot eliminate the effects of too much homework, they can help lighten their load. As parents, you can do so many things to help them whenever they feel stressed from doing their assignments.

The first thing to do is know the school policies regarding tasks given on weekdays and weekends. Some schools abide by the 10-minute standard time limit. Some do not provide tasks for the students to work on weekends. As a parent, it is your responsibility to know if the school follows its own regulations. You should also monitor the time your children spend on doing their tasks. If you notice that they are doing so much, set an appointment with the school personnel and discuss this matter.

Moreover, it would be best if you instill discipline in your children whenever they do their assignments. You can do this by giving positive reinforcements if they finish ahead of time or receive a high score. Also, it would help if you eliminated all possible distractions, such as using social media, watching videos, or playing games. Lastly, you should help them develop an organized and feasible routine where they will still have time to eat, sleep, and do leisure activities.

How do homeworks affect the students’ stress levels?

According to a Stanford researcher’s study, 56 percent of the students considered homework the primary source of stress. It already says a lot about how they perceive these tasks. Instead of looking at them as another way to learn, they view them as stressors.

The same research showed that more than 80 percent of the students reported having at least one stress-related symptom. Meanwhile, 44 percent said that they had experienced three or more symptoms. These symptoms include headaches, stomach problems, weight loss, exhaustion, and sleep deprivation. Through this, it can be concluded that students indeed suffer from stress caused by assignments.

Besides physical and mental concerns, their lack of leisure activities and interaction with others leads them to feel isolated, resulting in stress. Because they spend more time studying, they tend to neglect their relationships with their friends and family. They even disregard their hobbies and some recreational activities.

How does a lot of homework affect the students’ performance?

“Is homework bad?” Not entirely. The education system has relied on assignments done at home to ensure that students continue to learn beyond the classroom. Some of them may have difficulties understanding their lessons with their classmates around, thus distracting them from learning. So, they compensate for it by studying more at home. Because of this, they get to improve their performance in school and contribute more to the discussions.

Unfortunately, some of them are bombarded with tasks and have poor time-management skills. These can affect their stress levels, which could later affect their classroom performance. If they do not get adequate sleep, they will feel sleepy or weak for the entire day. Also, it will hamper their ability to concentrate and think. It could lead to low test scores and a lack of contribution to group activities.

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In conclusion, homeworks can be a tool to success or failure. The teachers should give the right amount of tasks to be completed within the suggested time limit. Moreover, parents should also do their best to monitor and guide their children while they study. Most importantly, the students should utilize all the educational tools and resources available for better learning. If the students keep on being overwhelmed, giving them will be counterproductive. Not only will their efforts be futile, but also their health will be compromised in the end.

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