How do you maintain a fleet of vehicles?

Fleet maintenance is indescribably important to your business if you want your drivers to be safe, your vehicles to be in top condition, as well as to achieve all your sales and profit goals. Easier said than done, we agree. Sometimes it can be really challenging to organize everything, especially if you run a large company and deal with a huge number of people and vehicles. However, with the right information, optimal fleet vehicle maintenance app, and a little extra effort to organize everything optimally, you will achieve your goals. Here are some of our tips on how to maintain a fleet of a vehicle.

1.Focus on preventative maintenance

If you want to maximize the life of your vehicles and ensure that your company functions smoothly, it is necessary to focus on preventive maintenance of the fleet. It is much harder to repair damage that has already been made than to prevent it from occurring at all. Make a to-do the list with all the activities that need to be carried out on an annual, monthly and daily basis. You can do it on paper, or use a fleet vehicle maintenance app. Ensure that all important activities, such as cleaning the engine or changing the oil, take place regularly and in the right way. If you delegate this part of the work to others, find a system that will help you keep up with the work that has been done and the tasks that are late, so that you can do something about it in time.

2. Check tire pressure regularly

If you want your vehicle to serve its purpose for a long time, it is necessary to ensure that the tire pressure is checked regularly. This parameter significantly affects the way the vehicle is handled, fuel economy, but also the speed of wear and the occurrence of damage to the vehicle. Tire pressure and degree of wear vary from one individual vehicle to another, so it is important to keep a record for each of them and be aware of the condition of every single vehicle. The fleet inspector should test the tire pressure before and after the ride, but when it comes to long journeys, the driver should take additional measurements while on the road.

3. Keep constant communication with your drivers

For starters, you need to educate your drivers about their responsibilities, how they should operate vehicles, as well as the needs of regular maintenance. They also need to develop vehicle problem-solving skills while on the road. After that, you need to be in regular communication with them, in order to keep up with all the updated information about the condition of the vehicle. After all, drivers are the ones who spend the most time in vehicles and are versed in their work. While on the road, it is necessary for them to check all the important parameters, and they can enter the results of the analysis into the fleet maintenance app, which will facilitate the whole process and help them avoid unnecessary administration. Maintaining fleet vehicles is a result of team effort, so it is crucial to ensure constant communication with your drivers.

Conclusion: Regular maintenance of your fleet of vehicles is crucial if you want to develop a successful and stable business that brings you profit. This is not always an easy task, but with the right information, a good fleet maintenance app and a little effort you can easily succeed in your intention. Focus on preventive maintenance, check tire pressure regularly and keep constant communication with your drivers. A great fleet company is the result of taking the right actions on time and the joint efforts of all team members.

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