How Do You Develop an eLearning App?

Modern technologies change the way people approach and organize different things, including the learning process. Digital solutions are increasingly implemented in the educational sphere. The pandemic gave an additional boost to this tendency, and today, you can find a wide range of mobile tools for online learning. Thus, e learning application development is booming, and you can create highly efficient software that will match all the needs of distant education. What are the most popular elearning products?

  • Individual online learning apps
  • Corporate educational hubs
  • Mentorship platforms
  • Progress tracking apps
  • Freelance teacher marketplaces

No matter what app you plan to create, you must integrate the best opportunities the latest technologies offer to succeed in elearning course development.

  • Use VR/AR to introduce as much interactive content as possible;
  • Add assessment control tools;
  • Make sure your app allows for real-time interaction and live classes;
  • Do not forget about a notification system;
  • The app should support text, audio and video formats;
  • Add gamification elements – competitions and quizzes, bonuses and rewards;
  • Use social network features – chats and discussions.

It may be a good idea to invest in elearning mobile app development as education-related searches are among the most popular ones on Google. But what are the essential things to know before realizing your project?

  • Start with market analysis. The competition in this sphere is rather high, and you must be sure to come up with something new and thrilling to win the audience’s attention. Define your target audience and the tasks your digital solution is going to solve for it.
  • Select platform. Today, you can create mobile solutions or opt for e learning website development. All of them are in great demand. Still, it will be the most winning approach to build a cross-platform app that a user can reach from any device.
  • Set up functionality. At first glance, it may seem that elearning project does not need many features. But in fact, this type of application has a multi-level structure with separate panels for teachers, students and even parents.

Find an experienced team to bring your app idea to life. Only experts can reasonably analyze its potential, select the appropriate technology stack and develop MVP. This approach will demonstrate whether your future app is worth the investment. Companies that offer full-cycle app development will involve you in all stages of the process and ensure your expectations are fully matched.

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