How Diesel-Hydraulic Power Pack are useful?

A diesel hydraulic power pack is a machine that delivers pressurized oil for powering hydraulic motors or cylinders. The main power source is a diesel engine. Most of the time, the hydro-power pack is given with hydraulically powered pumps. The pressurized oil is delivered to the hydraulically powered pump via hoses or pipelines. The power pack’s power flow can alter the hydraulic pump’s speed. Additionally, a single hydraulic power pack can operate more than one pump. In that situation, a proportional valve is needed to change the speed of each pump separately.

Several instances of hydraulic-powered power pack applications include:

  • Pump central figure for salvage
  • the prime mover for pumps that transport oil
  • Ballast pumps’ prime mover
  • driving force behind firefighting units
  • Between 10 kW to 1000 kW, power packs can be offered in practically any size. The unit configurations can be changed to fit the needs and budget of the client.

Several options

  • Noise-isolating materials or open skid
  • either local or distant control
  • sensors and alarms
  • inside lifting or container crash frameworks

When pumping in an explosive area, hydraulic bidirectional current packs can be given with an ATEX certificate.

Hydra products are well-known worldwide for their position as a pioneer in developing and producing hydro-power packs. Our goods are used in numerous industries for a variety of purposes.

One of our specialities is the engine-driven hydro-power pack and how hydraulic systems may be integrated with several industries, such as construction, manufacturing, and alternative energy.

Our R&D division strongly prioritizes producing technologically innovative power packs that fulfil your needs while also upholding the highest standards of quality, for equipment parts like genie gs 1930 control box, you can connect here.

We are the ideal partner for your turnkey project, cutting-edge product, or system because of our expertise in designing and producing highly advanced hydraulic equipment and network control systems.

To meet your requirement for diesel-driven power packs, including its control systems, we can push innovation to its limits as the world’s top integrator for mixing hydraulics, electrics, and integrated software.

Diesel-driven power packs are area of expertise in innovation, engineering, development, and manufacturing. From standard to custom power packs for the mobile fleet, on board a dredger as a temporary hydraulic power source, or for winches and hose reels, our committed and experienced staff ensures the best solutions for your task.

Extreme attention is taken to guarantee that quality requirements are upheld during the manufacturing process. Our in-house R&D staff oversees every process step, ensuring the highest quality and a finished good that fulfils your needs.

Multipurpose Diesel Driven Hydraulically Operated Packages

The goal of multipurpose diesel-driven hydraulic power packs is to power rotative and linear equipment. A power pack can be used as a power source to run things like rotative actuators, winches, and cylinders.

The flexibility to be employed in various energy-consuming circuitry with a load check valve or counterbalance valves is the most important factor in choosing multifunctional units.

The controls are typically carried out using an HMI Display and electro proportional pressure & flow control. Our basic horsepower control function prevents your power pack’s overly high political power.

All units adhere to current emission standards, such as Stage IV and Tier 4 Final. The innovative ECO-Modus Start/ Stop technology can reduce gas mileage during activities with stand-by hours, which also complies with the most current requirements.

Our committed crew can install, commission, and maintain power packs on-site anywhere in the world.


This brochure’s list of multipurpose diesel-driven power units includes all units with CE designation.


Units from the standard list can be modified with small changes to the control system, tropical or arctic execution, pressure and flow requirements, or third-party certifications.

Made To Order

Does this brochure not include the necessary unit? Be at ease. According to the most recent requirements and technological standards, it can be built to order.


  • GPS Module 
  • 3G Modem for remote servicing 
  • Tablet 
  • Trop or Artic execution of HPU 
  • Customized Mechanism Engineering 
  • ECO-Modus Start-Stop systems to reduce fuel consumption

Hydraulic Power Packs Driven by Diesel for Rotative Equipment

Diesel-driven hydro-power packs for rotary machinery and multipurpose units. The smaller reservoir volume and reduced hydraulic oil/air cooler are the compact versions of these machines’ key advantages. The highly efficient ratio of the drive train is the primary factor in deciding on rotative equipment units.

Because they can produce a lot of heat, these systems do not permit load solenoid and counterweight valves.

Submersible dredge pumps, booster stations, and cutter drives are some common applications for rotating equipment units. The power packs for rotative equipment are designed for rotary machines that need a 250 Bar pressure loss with a lot of flow.

Control is typically carried out using an HMI display and electro-proportional temperature and flow control. Our included horsepower control feature prevents your powerpack’s overly high provision of better.

The Diesel Engine

Diesel engines that meet the most recent criteria from all major vendors, including CAT, FPT, Cummins, Deere, Valmet, Perkins, and others.

SPARE PARTS: A wide selection of spare parts that can be shipped to you anywhere in the world to help you maximise the availability of your system. You can get assistance from our expert staff by choosing and accepting the best solution.

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