How Can You See What Your Future Holds?

Between the first and fifth centuries BC, astrology appeared in the middle east and Greece. This sprang up from the 12 zodiac signs and spread through the world until today. Although some religions such as Christianity have denounced it, there are millions of people who feel differently.

The Bombay High Court in 2011 reaffirmed the position of astrology as a science, and once again last year, it was backed by Revenue Minister R. Ashoka and the Government of Karnataka.

When it comes to individuals’ general belief in astrology, it has been reported that around 90% of people know their zodiac sign and believe the characteristics match them. Whether people believe in horoscopes is another question.

However, many people do sometimes wish they could see into the future, so can astrology help here, and if so, what would you look for? It may not be helpful when it comes to playing games of baccarat, but does it have some uses?

What do people want to know regarding their future?

When it comes to looking at futures, most people ask similar questions. Often they will want to know whether they will meet a partner and the prediction of the marriage date. Other people want to know about their future health, how many children they will have, and their careers.

It is not uncommon for people to look for lottery numbers or predictions for wins. Sagittarius is expected to become the luckiest star sign during 2022, so these people may play lottery games more, or have greater business success. 

Why do people want to know?

For some, it is perhaps the fear of the unknown. Maybe they are worried about illness and wish to know what the future will hold. Others may simply be curious.

For many though, it is a strong belief in astrology as a science that leads them to seek answers surrounding their future. Other religions and philosophies have similar ideas. In Christianity, people pray, and while they cannot see the future, they ask God to bring good luck. In some nations like Thailand and Laos, dreams hold great significance.

Thailand has the second largest Buddhist population in the world with 64 million people practicing the philosophy. Buddhists often take dreams very seriously and connect them to events in real life. Although gambling is not linked to Buddhism, many people in the country will connect dreams about animals and numbers to the lottery and bet money on the game. 

Can astrologers help predict your future?

Astrologers can take your date of birth and use this and other information to tell you about yourself. They can predict some of your future events through the information they gather.

Many professional astrologers will give guarantees about certain results and outcomes. However, when it comes to football betting or predicting horse races, this is not their area. If you are hoping for a big win, then you are better off finding a reputable app or site and taking advantage of the many special bonuses on offer to improve your luck.

If you are hoping to find out more about your future success in marriage, career, and if you will have children, then astrology may be able to help you. 

Is it dangerous to know your future?

In some countries, some people advertise as Fortune Tellers, and the reputable ones will never reveal anything bad about what the future holds. However, some disreputable readers have passed on bad news to individuals and led to them becoming anxious and stressed.

A good astrologer will help you make the right decisions and guide you, rather than tell you that your future is black-and-white. This type of astrology can help reduce stress and help make the future clearer.

The danger of knowing the future is creating a self-fulfilling prophecy. For example, if someone was told they would get divorced in six months, they might start an unconscious campaign of causing marital problems which lead to a breakup that was not necessary.

This is why it is important to seek out good astrologers and palmists. A proper consultancy will take place where the practitioner will assess the client before proceeding. 

Can anyone realistically tell the future?

Well, this is the big question when it comes to palmists, tarot card readers, fortune tellers, and astrologists. Where many believe that there is science behind some of these techniques, and perhaps unknown power behind others, some think that it is all trickery.

Many things in life come down to an individual’s faith and belief. For some religion is everything, and for others, it is easy to dismiss. Some people play the lottery and believe their luck will come in and others feel it is fixed. Some like to follow their daily horoscope, while others feel reading it is a complete waste of time.

If you have faith and believe in astrology then you may find truth there that helps to guide some of your decisions. Perhaps you shouldn’t look to predict the future but look for help to make it better. Take for instance casino games. If you play online you may lose, but if you choose a site that offers sign up deals or free spins for example, then you are increasing your chances of success by using bonuses instead of cash. 

How would you go about finding a good astrologer?

India is one place where there is no shortage of astrologers, and many of them are very good and have years of experience. One way to find one will be to ask your family and friends if they have had a good reading in the past.

Alternatively, search online and find one that can explain the process clearly, and leads to you having a confident feeling. 


Astrology is a fascinating way to receive guidance and help for the future. Perhaps it cannot predict the winning lottery numbers or which horse to bet on, but your date of birth can be used to predict much about your future life.

Whatever the reasons you seek to know more about your future, look for a reputable professional to help. Perhaps you will choose a local fortune teller, or maybe you prefer tarot cards. Check their experience and credentials first, and then proceed safely in the knowledge that you will receive a proper consultation.

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