How can a car accident police report help in Conyers?

While a police report is not required when submitting a claim for compensation for your vehicle accident injuries, it gives crucial information to the insurance company. Furthermore, it is an independent third-party description of what happened from a police officer qualified to investigate automobile accidents, which may be highly compelling to an insurance adjuster processing your claim. Similarly, not having one damage your claim since it makes the accident appear trivial and unlikely to result in serious injuries. If you want more assistance, a car accident lawyer, Conyers, GA, may be able to assist you.

Here is some of the information that a police report might provide to assist you in proving your case:

The incident has been recorded.

The police will record the accident’s date, time, and location. If the careless driver tries to dodge blame by denying the collision occurred, this might assist you in documenting the occurrence.

The report contains contact information. 

The police report will supply you with contact information for the other motorist and his insurance company, which you’ll need to make a claim, as well as information regarding witnesses to the accident.

Statements are recorded

The police officer will record your and the other driver’s remarks and incorporate them in the police report. Here this will tell you how the other motorist believes the accident occurred, and it may include damning admissions in which he confesses culpability. Furthermore, the officer may include witness testimony that might substantiate the other driver’s carelessness.

A detailed description of the event is made.

The police officer will describe how the accident happened and his findings on who was at blame. The report will also include any vehicle damage, injuries sustained by victims, meteorological conditions, and any relevant variables that contributed to the incident.

  1. The report includes a diagram: A graphic of the accident scene and the impact point during the incident are frequently included by police personnel.
  2. Photographs: In major incidents, the police report may contain photos or video taken by the officer of the accident scene, car damage, and other details. At times the report could contain pictures from the bystander’s phones too. 
  3. Citations:  Any tickets issued to any of the drivers involved in the incident will be noted in the police report.

Whether or not you reported your car accident to the police, you may be eligible for reimbursement from the irresponsible driver’s insurance for your injuries. A police report makes the procedure of getting your compensation easier.

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