Homemade Soaps For The People And Love of Animals

When we created Bombay Comfort Clothing, we wanted to create products for the people that would also transform the lives of animals. Our products don’t just feel great, but they do great things. Each time you purchase our homemade soaps, 25% of the net profits go towards animal rescue so that cats and dogs can get the medical attention and care they need. 

Our handmade soups are made with careful intention and all-natural ingredients. You and your family will love bringing home our wide selection of handmade soaps. Plus, if you buy two or more shirts from our comfort clothing line, you’ll get to bring one home for free! 

The Soap That Truly Makes You Want to Wash Your Hands

Our soaps are carefully handcrafted with love and intention. We use all-natural butter and oils that will make you want to keep washing your hands! Many soaps leave your hands feeling dry and crusted, but not ours.

Our soap is made in small batches, and you will love its silky, smooth texture that will leave your hands feeling moisturized, clean, and smelling great. You can choose from an array of all-natural scents on our website. These homemade soaps make for the perfect gift for any of your friends and family. 

They are also a must-have stocking stuffer that can also be purchased for your furry friend because we have homemade doggie shampoo bars as well. From salty and exfoliating to silky and fragrant, there are so many options to choose from.

A Homemade Soap That Is Cruelty-Free 

We live in a world where animal welfare and environmental conservation are of utmost importance. And by supporting a small business and grassroots effort like ours, you help local communities and animal shelters do just that. 

One of the simplest ways to contribute to a cruelty-free environment is by opting for products like our homemade soaps, which refuse to subject animals to testing and painful experiments. We use all-natural ingredients that won’t harm the environment or waterways, and our soup is never tested on animals.

By choosing all-natural ingredients, we can reduce the amount of harmful substances going into our planet and its creatures. Bring home our homemade soap and experience the care and love that is put into each cruelty-free bar. 

Homemade Soaps Are Healthy on the Skin

When you purchase commercial soaps, many of the bars contain questionable ingredients that can be harmful to your body as well as the environment. Some bars of soap are packed with ingredients like parabens, phthalates, petrochemicals, synthetic perfumes, and artificial coloring. Don’t be fooled by the sweet aromas, what we clean our hands and body with matters for our health and our waterways. 

When you choose homemade soaps from Bombay Comfort Clothes, you are purchasing soap that is made with all-natural ingredients like organic oil and cocoa butter. Contrary to popular belief, natural oils are necessary in our soaps, even if you have oily skin. Most natural oils will nourish and moisturize your skin while normalizing your PH levels. This results in healthier skin overall.

At Bombay Comfort Clothing, we make our homemade soaps in small batches with love. Our motto is doing no harm to the environment. Let’s team up and leave the orangutans and the rainforest alone to jive with nature, not chemicals. Our soaps are all made in Main, New England, and they come in a standard 5-ounce size. This essential oil-infused soap gives a lot of lather and will leave your skin feeling clean and moisturized. 

How Your Purchase Helps Animals 

We care so deeply about animal welfare and rescue at Bombay Comfort Clothing, and our core values include the belief that it’s everyone’s responsibility to care for animals in need. When you purchase our homemade soaps, we donate the net profits to medical care, nutrition, nursing care, housing, and adoption for animals in need. 

Some of the Animal Rescues that we contribute to are:

  • For the Love of Dogs, located in North Carolina 
  • Oliver’s House
  • Beagle Freedom Project 
  • & Many Others Across the United States

All of the rescues and animal charities that we donate to when you purchase our homemade soaps have a no-kill policy and are working hard by volunteering their time for our furry friends. 

The Beagle Freedom Project, for example, helps save the lives of animals around the world. And we are not just talking about dogs and cats. We are talking about all kinds of animals that have been subjected to unethical experimentation. In addition to dogs, the Beagle Freedom Project has saved horses, goats, guinea pigs, rabbits, and more in over 36 states and eight countries. The non-profit also passed the Beagle Freedom Bill in over a dozen states in the USA, which now requires labs to offer dogs and cats for adoption instead of killing them.   

By purchasing our homemade soaps, you get to enjoy the benefits of knowing that your contribution matters and makes a difference. We want animals all over the world to receive the love and care they deserve. We work hand in hand with these companies in every way possible to save animals from abuse and neglect. We pride ourselves in building a company that supports humanitarian efforts for those in need. 

Save Dogs and Cats With Us One Bar of Soap at a Time

At Bombay Comfort Clothing, we love helping animals, and we made this brand for the people so that the people could help and contribute to a better society for all. We pride ourselves in using all-natural homemade soaps that will leave your skin feeling silky smooth. We also sell a collection of logo-monogrammed t-shirts and hoodies so that you can represent your support for the animals you help save. 

Are you interested in learning more about how you can help? Purchase one of our scented homemade soaps, or browse our collection of comfort clothes and visit our website at www.bombaycomfortclothing.com to help raise awareness and funds for animals in need. We look forward to changing lives with you, and it all starts one soap bar at a time.