Himachal Pradesh Blog: A Mesmersing City

My journey to Himachal Pradesh’s picturesque city of Shimla.

Dalhousie Khajjiar Dharamshala is a well-known destination in Himachal Pradesh.

During the warm winter months of October and November, the Dalhousie Khajjiar Dharamshala has an unique appeal.

At this time there are no traces of rainy clouds. And the lovely blue sky has white clouds floating in it, creating a nice environment.

So, in the thrill of being lost, I am once again a lover of Himachal Pradesh’s limitless allure.

At 11:55 p.m., I took the Howrah to Himgiri Express to get here.

The train arrived at Pathankot station around 10.30 a.m. I noticed our charioteer exiting the station with bags.

Where we left for Dalhousie.

It would take three and a half hours to go from the station to Dalhousie. However, the Himachal Pradesh roadways are so picturesque that the ride was fairly memorable.

But first, we need to eat something. Because it will be almost afternoon to reach Dalhousie. So, on the way,  our charioteer parked our car in front of a beautiful restaurant on the way.

I walked into the restaurant and began admiring the beauty of nature via the large window. I had onion parota and potato cumin veggies, along with a large glass of lassi.

Where is Dalhousie located?

Dalhousie is a city in the northern part of Himachal Pradesh.

The town was named after Lord Dalhousie, the Governor General of India during the British rule.

The richness of oak, pine, and rhododendron on these sky-scraping mountains makes nature green.

When I arrived at the NSN Hotel Himdhara. The key to the room was taken from reception by one of the hotel’s employees. 

We entered the room after opening the key and were amazed by the preparations.

The suite layout was beautiful. I dashed up to the house’s balcony. Snow can be seen on some mountain tops.

This hotel, NSN Hotel Himdhara will be our home for the next three days.

However, sitting in our room and admiring the view will not enough.

As a result, I decided to go somewhere this afternoon. I hurriedly changed my clothes and drove away.

The architecture around the city of Dalhousie is influenced by British and Scottish influences. The churches built on the hill are its symbol.

Dalhousie is a beautiful hill station in Himachal Pradesh, India. This quiet town in Himachal Pradesh, India has always been a popular tourist destination.

My First Schedule

On today’s schedule, we viewed the five bridges on Dalhousie and enjoyed the natural landscape.

I ascended a little bit through the deep woodland on a tiny crooked trail. In the centre of the hill, there are large rocks and springs.

The waterfall in Dalhousie is surrounded by beautiful green pine and fir trees and is a really interesting spot to visit.

A memorial has been erected in remembrance of Ajit Singh, the revolutionary Bhagat Singh’s uncle.

The next destination is Satdhara Jharna. It is located two kilometers away from Panchpula. In the green hills around there is a green palm tree. There is snow on the top of the distant hill. 

The surrounding environment is filled with the fragrance of unknown wildflowers.

There is a fountain called ‘Subhash Baoli’ named after Subhash Chandra Bose. It is said that Subhash Chandra was afflicted with Tuberculosis while he was in jail.

Rabindranath also came to Bakrota in Dalhousie hill town with his father when he was a child.

Dalhousie Mall Road is Gandhichak. There are several stores in this area.

After visiting all the places, I am very tired. My body is in need of recuperation after touring Dalhousie’s local attractions. It is also really chilly. 

Back at home, with the room heater on to provide warmth and a cup of hot tea in hand, my mind is now anticipating the flavour of hot pokora. 

But for the time being, we are in our hotel room, enjoying the natural ambience created due to it.

The Next Day

This is the third day.

Chamera Lake in Chamba district of Dalhousie is the best attraction for us to visit today. The driver said that we have to leave at 9 o’clock in the morning.

I attempted to warm myself up again with the warmth of the room heater after taking a bath while shivering in the cold.

After departing, I proceeded to Chamba and then around Chamera Lake. The beauty on both sides on the route to the lake is quite mesmerising.

I travelled to Chamba town after spending some time in this wonderful setting. I wandered around Chamba’s park, taking in everything around me.

End Of My Cherisable Day

Finally, I returned to the hotel. Tonight is my final night at NSN Hotel Himdhara.

Their services were pretty good so if you want you can also check out their list of NSNHotels hotel near hadimba temple and book one of them as per your convenience.

I have written another blog on Himachal Pradesh. You can check out that if you wish to know about my experience on it.

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