Golden Teacher Mushrooms: Effects, Benefits, Dosage & Buying Guide

Considering how readily available Golden Teacher mushrooms are, they have become one of the most popular strains of magic mushrooms in recent years. Named after their golden caps, they are part of the genus Psilocybe Cubensis.

These psychedelic wonders are known for their mild potency and relatively easy cultivation. Golden teacher mushrooms are also popular for their subtle visual effects and their ability to give the user a mild yet powerful psychedelic experience. 

In this article, we will explore the effects, benefits, dosage, and buying guide for Golden Teacher mushrooms.

What are the Effects of Golden Teacher Mushrooms?

Golden Teacher mushrooms contain psilocybin, which is a psychoactive compound that can cause a range of hallucinogenic effects. The intensity and duration of these effects can vary depending on the dose, individual tolerance, and the environment in which they are consumed. 

Some of the common effects of Golden Teacher mushrooms include:

  • Visual and Sensory Changes

Golden Teacher mushrooms can cause vivid visual and sensory changes, which can be both exciting and overwhelming.

  • Alteration in Thought and Mood

Golden Teacher mushrooms can also cause changes in thought and mood. Users often report a deep sense of introspection, heightened creativity, and an altered sense of time and space.

  • Spiritual and Mystical Experiences

Golden Teacher mushrooms are often used in spiritual and mystical practices, as they can facilitate a sense of connection to the universe and a higher power. You may experience a sense of oneness with the world and an increased sense of empathy and compassion.

How to Source High Quality Magic Mushrooms

It is important to research the legal implications of sourcing magic mushrooms in your area. It is also wise to source only from reliable vendors who can guarantee the quality of their mushrooms.

What are the Benefits of Using Golden Teacher Mushrooms

Golden Teacher mushrooms a.k.a GT shrooms have been used for centuries in traditional medicine, and recent research has shown that they may have a range of therapeutic benefits. 

Some of the potential benefits of using Golden Teacher mushrooms include:

  • Treatment of Depression and Anxiety

Studies have shown that psilocybin, the psychoactive compound in Golden Teacher mushrooms, can be effective in treating depression and anxiety. Psilocybin works by binding to serotonin receptors in the brain, which can help regulate mood and reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression.

  • Management of Addiction

Golden Teacher mushrooms have also been shown to be effective in managing addiction, particularly to tobacco and alcohol. Psilocybin mushrooms can help reduce cravings and withdrawal symptoms, and can also help individuals gain new perspectives on their addiction and behaviours.

  • Increased Creativity and Productivity

Golden Teacher mushrooms can also increase creativity and productivity. They can help individuals think outside the box and approach problems from new angles, which can lead to increased innovation and productivity.

Golden Teacher Mushroom Dosage Guidelines

Golden Teacher mushrooms can be consumed in a variety of forms, including dried, fresh, or in tea. The dosage guidelines for Golden Teacher mushrooms can vary depending on the individual, the environment, and the desired effect. 

It is always recommended to start with a low dose and gradually increase as tolerance develops.

  • Microdosing

Microdosing involves taking a small, sub-perceptual dose of Golden Teacher mushrooms on a regular basis. This can help increase creativity, productivity, and focus, without causing any psychoactive effects. 

A typical microdose is around 0.1g to 0.5g of dried mushrooms.

  • Moderate Dose

A moderate dose of Golden Teacher mushrooms can cause mild to moderate psychoactive effects, including changes in perception, mood, and thought. 

A typical moderate dose is around 1g to 2.5g of dried mushrooms.

  • High Dose

A high dose of Golden Teacher mushrooms can cause intense psychoactive effects, including spiritual and mystical experiences, intense emotions, and altered perception of time and space. 

A typical high dose is around 3g to 5g of dried mushrooms.


Among the distinct varieties within the psilocybe Cubensis family, Golden Teacher mushrooms have garnered increased attention in recent years for their possible healing benefits and consciousness-expanding properties. 

Regardless of whether you’re a novice in the realm of psychedelic mushrooms or an experienced enthusiast, it’s crucial to handle Golden Teacher mushrooms carefully and respectfully, while consistently emphasising the significance of secure and responsible utilisation of this naturally occurring wonder.

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