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Game Topn-Recommended stand – alone horror games

Name: bad ben

Game platform: H5

Game theme: horror

Recommended index: ★★★★☆

Recommended reason: According to Game Topn player click data trend analysis

Game background: bad ben game is a game based on the horror movie series of the same name, which once became a famous urban legend on the Internet. Wild suburbs, mysterious villas, unknown creatures, this series of combinations can stimulate the adrenalin of players the most, especially it can be played directly through your browser.

Game screenshots:

The game uses a fixed perspective similar to the “Clock Tower”, “Resident Evil”, and “Silent Hill” series to limit the player’s field of vision to make players feel fearful.

Players need to explore in an empty villa, and finally what is the ending of the bad ben?

Game review:

The game controls the protagonist bad ben to explore in the newly moved villa, and the player controls the character to move on the field with a fixed perspective through the W, S, A, D, keys. Familiar. In addition to using the retro fixed monitor perspective, pressing the F key can swear at people, which makes the experiencer stunned. It turns out that the F key can not only enter the tank but also swear. The E key is an interactive key. Players can trigger new plots by pressing the E key in some weird venues.

In terms of picture, although it is an H5 game, the villa materials and character modeling look very realistic, and the ingenious processing of the camera makes the player feel more immersive. In addition, the game is enriched with a lot of explicit treatment of bloody scenes, it can be regarded as a complete adult game, and it is not recommended for minors to play. In terms of plot, it tells that bad ben’s house was invaded by unknown creatures, and he searched for traces of unknown creatures by himself.

To sum up, this is a realistic horror game for adults. Due to the special lens processing method, the game has a strong sense of substitution. When passing through some areas with a fixed viewing angle, because some corners cannot be seen, it always makes people feel cold on their backs. The operation feels good, and the BGM also feels like a horror movie. It is very exploratory. The only shortcoming is that there is no operable weapon in the game process. It is a pure walking simulator. However, it is very successful in terms of creating a terrifying atmosphere and a sense of substitution. It is recommended for players who want to try their courage.


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