Frequently Asked Questions on Buying Canvas 12 x 12 Tarps

Cotton and canvas tarps are very common choices in the 12 x 12 tarp category, which are highly breathable and water-resistant too. These are good choices to cover stationary objects or other materials, which need a breathable fabric cover to protect them from moisture and condensation risks. However, canvas tarps are not so good for many specific applications like covering trailers, vehicles, or canopies because the tear strength of canvas covers is lower compared to other materials. Canvas also is susceptible to UV degradation. Let us have a quick overview of some frequently asked questions about 12 x 12 canvas tarps.

What are the differences between Canvas and polyester tarps?

While the polyester canvas and cotton canvas may look the same, polyester tarps have many significant advantages over cotton as:

  • Polyester is stronger in terms of strength, which is more than twice of tear strength than cotton tarps.
  • Polyester is also more UV resistant than canvas.
  • Considering polyester tarps, another advantage is that, unlike cotton canvas tarps, polyester does not have any odor coming out of it.
  • Unlike the cotton canvas tarps, polyester tarps do not stain, or the color fades off.

Is it possible to waterproof canvas 12 x 12 tarps?

Yes, it is possible to treat the canvas material with water repellent spray or silicone-based water repellent spray to make it waterproof. However, old and worn-out canvas may not respond well to these repellents as the fabric may have worn off.

Are canvas tarps good as boat covers?

Cotton canvas is not very ideal to be used as boat covers or car covers. The major reason is that cotton canvas tarp material may rub against the boat or car exteriors. The dye color on cotton Canvas may rub off and stain the exteriors of the vehicles. We may consider polyester canvas started as the best choice for boat and car covers.

Is it good to use Canvas tarps indoors?

For basic applications, it is okay to use canvas tarps, but for heavy-duty indoor tasks, cotton canvas tarps may leave some stains and may also produce some foul odor, which may not smell good indoors.

When it cmes to choosing 12 x 12 talks for various projects, you need to give it a clear consideration as to what your exact requirement of the project is to choose the best material. Most of the time, canvas tarps against polyethylene may be difficult to make for heavy-duty projects, but for some basic needs, it will be fine to go ahead with low-priced canvas tarps.

Whatever your choice of material for 12 x 12 tarps is, it is ideal for searching for the most affordable tarp products online. Compared to the offline hardware shops, you will find plenty more options available out there at the online store. You can also compare various products easily online to identify the differences in terms of features, quality, and pricing to shortlist the best available products for you.

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