Free Office Suite Tutorial by WPS Academy

WPS Academy’s free office suite tutorial is an extensive online training program that can quickly get you up to speed with WPS Office. The tutorial is user-friendly, providing step-by-step instructions for completing various tasks within the software.

Tutorials are offered for a range of topics, so there’s something to suit everyone. Furthermore, these courses are self-paced so that you can learn at your own pace and review information as often as necessary. WPS Academy’s official online is the ideal solution for those wanting to learn software applications quickly and efficiently. With their top-notch tutorials, users are guaranteed to pick up essential skills within no time!

How to use WPS Office?

WPS Office is a free office suite available on Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS and Android. It consists of three primary modules – Writer, Presentation and Spreadsheets.

The app also provides direct, in-app cloud syncing so you can access your files from anywhere. This feature comes in handy if you work on projects away from home or at a shared workspace.

WPS Office stands out due to its support for multiple file formats. This feature makes it ideal for those who require document opening with different programs such as Word and Excel.

This software boasts a host of features not found in Microsoft Office, such as PDF converters and data recovery tools. Plus, its user interface is very similar to MS Office so it’s easy to get used to.

How to create a document in WPS Office?

The WPS office is an efficient word processing program available on various platforms. It’s widely used by professionals, educational institutions and business users for document creation and editing tasks.

Writer is an advanced editing program that lets users create and modify texts, images, custom charts, and tables. Furthermore, it supports converting documents to PDF files for sharing them easily.

This free tool is compatible with MS Word, making it a great choice for creating and editing documents.

It also features a PDF converter that can transform PDFs to DOC and DOCX format accurately, preserving all layouts, fonts, and styles in the final output.

How to save a document in WPS Office?

Have you ever experienced the frustration of losing a document that took hours to create? Losing something important can be an upsetting experience, whether due to accidental deletion or hardware malfunctioning. But there are solutions available – from software updates and backup solutions to professional services for document retrieval.

Preventing data loss is the best way to go. WPS Office can back up your documents onto WPS Cloud, so they can be viewed and edited across various computers and Android devices after signing in with your account. The app makes this easy!

However, if you happen to accidentally delete or lose your WPS file by mistake, there are a few methods available for recovering it from Android/computer devices.

How to print a document in WPS Office?

WPS Office makes printing documents simple by clicking the Print icon located at the upper-right corner. This opens a dialog box with three options to choose from.

System Print Service, which utilizes your printer provider’s print service to send files directly to the printer, and Cloud Print, which eliminates the need to install an app for remote printing from within a business.

You can use the Page Layout tab to adjust various printing features, such as paper size and margin width. If you want your document to fit on fewer pages, select Narrow for narrow margins.

It is compatible with all the operating systems

When it comes to document management, WPS Office is one of the premier options available. The company has been around for decades and boasts extensive expertise in this area.

They offer complimentary file recovery tools, making them a great option for any business.

If you are new to WPS Office, don’t fret. The company has created tutorials that are user-friendly and straightforward to implement.

The company has also introduced a cloud sync feature that enables you to work on your files remotely. This is an invaluable convenience for those who own multiple devices.

As of 2019, the suite is accessible for Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, Chrome OS and iOS. While its basic version is free to use, a subscription is necessary to unlock more features and take advantage of 1 GB of free storage.

It is affordable

WPS Academy’s official online service eliminates the need for printing out hard copy documents, saving paper and ink in the process. Plus, it utilizes cloud technology for endless storage capacity and data security. Plus, it even has a mobile version to stay in touch with students while they’re on-the-go!

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It is secure

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