Football Betting Sites 2023 – Best Sportsbooks for Online Betting

Vietnam, like the rest of the globe, is crazy about its football, so it only makes sense that there would be a plethora of betting options for fans of the beautiful game in Vietnam.

Betting on major European leagues like the Premier League and the Champions League is a given, but the finest betting sites also provide you the option to wager on lesser-known leagues like the AFC Champions League and the V-League, as well as those from closer to home.

Furthermore, you will have a great deal of discretion over your wagers at the top football betting sites. For the major games, hundreds of different betting markets are available, and if you’re still exploring, we’ve compiled a list of the best betting sites for football live fans.


The Vietnamese football betting community considers Solarbet the best of the best on this Soikeobongda list. This is due to the fact that the website features a wide variety of high-quality casino and live dealer games in addition to football and major sports betting.

The variety of betting opportunities offered by this brand is another reason it is so popular. Overall, the user interface is really well-designed and intuitive. You can choose from a wide variety of discounts, including a cash-back offer, bonuses, a VIP program, and more.


You may bet on any sport with complete confidence on BK8 since it offers everything that a bettor might want from a top-tier sportsbook. Sports fans can take their pick from a wide variety of wagering options at the many available local sportsbooks. In addition to all the data you may possibly want, you also have access to live streams, top-notch mobile apps, a variety of payment methods, and more.


Among Vietnam’s hundreds of online betting companies, CMD368 has consistently had the finest track record according to Soikeobongda. For quite some time now, this business has been the go-to source for sportsbooks for Asian betting sites, offering white-label solutions. However, it also has its own platform, and that’s what we’ll be discussing in this article.

The company’s focus in this area shows in the wide variety of betting markets available. You’ll find most of the popular selections here, plus an entire dedicated area for competitive online gaming. The site is available in Vietnamese, and there is a good selection of promotions, including a 10% reload bonus.


When discussing the top truc tiep bong da betting sites in Vietnam, 1xBet is a name that immediately comes to mind. They’ve come a long way since opening, and are now widely recognized as a reliable, entertaining, and secure sportsbook.

In keeping with the trend of other recent sportsbooks, the user interface here is top-notch. It’s not just good-looking; it rides and maneuvers wonderfully, too. Not only is this a terrific framework, but it also holds three separate sportsbooks with a huge variety of betting possibilities. Extras like smartphone apps and real-time chat help are also included.


Even though 22Bet didn’t debut until 2018, the company has made great use of its time in the market to earn a solid reputation. Users everywhere began to have faith in it, particularly in the Vietnam industry. In contrast to Solarbet and other bookmakers, 22Bet handles all of its operations in-house. The site’s singular sportsbook simplifies navigation while yet providing a wide variety of wagering options.


Even if Dafabet doesn’t appear frequently on lists of the most reputable sports betting sites in Vietnam, it’s definitely one of the greatest possibilities, especially for bettors who are crazy about football. It has been serving Asian gamblers since 2004, giving it the best track record.

Dafabet is still a great place to bet on sports in its current form. With a wide variety of betting markets, convenient mobile apps and live betting capabilities, a top-notch VIP program, and a plethora of other perks, this site are hard to beat.


Given the high level of competition in the Vietnamese sports betting industry, it’s okay to finish at the bottom of these kinds of rankings. That AW8 can show such excellence in any domain is remarkable. This sportsbook is designed to be extremely user-friendly from the very first moment you log in. The user interface is not only attractive but also very well-designed.

Comparable to Solarbet’s multi-sportsbook approach, AW8 gives you access to a wide variety of sports to bet on and plenty of promotional offers. Excellent support for both customers and mobile users makes this a fantastic all-around recommendation from Soikeobongda.