Fondmart Return Policy

Fondmart is a private label/white label clothing dropshipper. They provide online retailers with one-stop fulfillment and dropshipping services. Besides providing a secure environment for e-commerce stores, they adjust the quality of suppliers according to the quality and style requirement of their customers. Read on to learn more about this unique dropshipping company. After you have decided to work with them, you can begin by reviewing their return policy.

Fondmart is a private-label

Fondmart is a women-owned clothing wholesale dropshipper that specializes in activewear sourced from US-based clothing manufacturers. Their savings are passed on to customers. Products available include leopard, leggings, sportswear sets, workout clothes, and biker clothing. Payment methods are accepted via major credit cards. Depending on your payment method, shipping to the United States can take seven to ten days.

As a top apparel B2B marketplace, FondMart collaborates with over 5,000 secure global suppliers. Their 200,000+ products are updated regularly, and they have an exclusive merchandise team to keep things running smoothly for buyers. Their data analytics team is capable of helping buyers find the right suppliers and products by making recommendations based on a variety of criteria. It’s also important to note that FondMart has no minimum order quantity, which allows you to buy as much as you want, without the need for a minimum order.

The team at FondMart is staffed with experienced designers and experienced entrepreneurs who have successfully run their businesses through FondMart’s clothing dropshipper program. The company’s success rate is very high and many of its brands have grown by over 100% after cooperating with the company. A customer who was successful with FondMart achieved sales of $50,000 per month within four years and increased that to $330,000 per month in the same period. This company has grown from three to fourteen staff and increased the number of products from 500 to 2,000. One of our American customers has maintained a monthly growth rate of 10%, which is a tremendous feat for a private-label clothing dropshipper.

It provides online retailers with one-stop dropshipping and fulfillment services

Fondmart is a global wholesaler that provides one-stop dropshipping and fulfillment services for online retailers. They provide a 45-day global door-to-door delivery service and support multiple payment methods. Unlike other dropshipping and fulfillment companies, Fondmart does not require a minimum order size, making it easy for online retailers to start small and build a profitable business.

With more than 200,000 products in stock, FondMart supports combined shipping with different vendors and offers fulfillment services with FBA. Customers can also pay in advance for the preparation of their stock and store their items for free in their warehouse. One drawback of Fondmart is that it is not directly connected to Amazon, and the website is available only in English. Overall, Fondmart has a good reputation, with a 3.8 Trustpilot rating. However, customers have reported slow shipping and damaged orders.

The number of successful FondMart partners is growing exponentially. One of its partners increased sales by more than 100% in four years, going from three to fourteen employees. Within three years, this same customer increased sales from $30 per month to more than $330k a month, increased staff from three to 14 and grew its inventory from one hundred to over 2,000 items. The American brand has grown its sales by 10% month-over-month for two years.

It adjusts the quality of suppliers

The dynamic quality rating of suppliers on FondMart is constantly being adjusted in a 60-day cycle. This reflects that different customers have different demands. Computer vision technology identifies the style and quality of products, and manual assistance is available if needed. In addition to this, FondMart also engages buyers after the sale to resolve issues related to product length, price and quality. Ultimately, this allows buyers to purchase more quality products and spend less money. Wholesale boutique clothing consists of clothing with high quality and a low-price tag. The process is simple with a website like FondMart, which connects you with suppliers that specialize in boutique clothing.


FondMart aims to reduce the risk of the after-sales transaction by involving itself in the entire transaction process. This includes sourcing, display, after-sales service, and delivery. This way, it can guarantee that the products are being served by the provider. Although the trading platform provides convenience, the experience of the buyer cannot be guaranteed. Many foreign transactions have been fraught with problems, such as suppliers uploading defective products or artificially low prices.

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