Five reasons how wearing a headband wig can make your life easier!

If you are used to wearing wigs, then you must have heard about a new style of wig called the headband wigs. Here is all that you have to know about a headband wig and where to find it.

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What is a headband hair wig?

Headband wigs are made of human hair attached to the headband of black color that comes with a sticky Velcro. It also has three combs inside it to stop it from moving. There are no skills required to put it on as it can be worn at the back of your head and secured with the Velcro giving your hair a completely natural look.

Five reasons how headband wigs make your life easier

Here are a few ways headband wigs can make your life easier,

1.   No need for glue

Ordinary hair wigs require adhesive to provide additional stability before being placed on the head. Users may need to use other supplementary goods such as a glue remover and scalp protection while putting the glue straight to the scalp. The adhesive might obstruct your hair follicles, slowing or stopping hair development.

But with headband hair wigs, you don’t need to worry about your hair growth facing a full stop. Also no need to worry about the allergic reactions that glue can cause on your scalp. Because with headband hair wigs, there is no need to use glue to attach the wig to your scalp as it contains the stretchy band with a Velcro that can adjust the size of the wig according to your head size.

With headband wigs, you will never notice any irritation, itching, or any other kind of reaction on your skin because the band is made of soft material.

2.   No plucking

Do you like wearing a human hair wig? But what horrifies you is plucking. And mostly, you don’t have time to visit the hairstylist to pluck and achieve a natural hair look. Moreover, if you believe the common notion that a wig that is not pre-plucked looks unnatural, you may feel out of luck.

But wait, you haven’t tried the headband hair wigs. The ease they provide is that they give a natural look without any need for plucking. You do not have to use tweezers any longer to remove excess hair around the hairline to create a natural hairline. Because headband hair wigs are ready to wear, you don’t have to pluck your baby hairs. Headband wigs allows your head to be free and also gives your hairline a very natural look.

Hence you should prefer the headband wig over the ones that need plucking so that you won’t have to put in your time and effort in plucking.

3.   Easy to use

Headband hair wigs can make your life simple as they are easy to use and take less than a minute to apply. Just start with brushing your hair and keeping out a layer of baby hair to give a natural hair look. Then put the headband wig on your head and comb up the top. You should place the wig a little bit far from your hairline. With the use of Velcro, you can tighten the wig but also make sure that the bottom comb is close. Finally, style with a headband of your choice for a more subtle look.

Your whole head will be covered, and there will be no hair sticking out of the wig as it is fixed in its place by the use of Velcro. You don’t need any pins to adjust the wig’s position and can simply secure them behind the ears. The other important feature of a headband wig is that you can wear it regularly and for informal and special occasions both.

4.   Cost-effective

They are less costly than regular wigs and are easy to maintain. Headband wigs are made from natural hair and can be purchased at a reasonable price.

5.   Washable

Are you tired of throwing the wig after using it once because they get dirty? But now you have headband wigs as your savior. They can be washed easily and easy to keep, hygienic, especially for beginners.

If you’ve never worn a wig before, soak it in cold water until it’s completely wet. If you’ve worn one before, rinse it with warm water to remove any excess oil and wash with shampoo. Apply a conditioner to keep the wig’s luster and quality.

The above mentioned reasons makes headband wig easy to use for even those who are planning to wear it but afraid of the plucking. If you are have convinced that headband wigs can make your life easy and now you are looking for the best place to find it then luvmer is the best choice for wigs

Luvme Hair- the best option available for hair products

At Luvme Hair, co-founders Helena and Beryl ensure that you get only the highest quality hair products. The duo consistently invests a great deal in improving products and services to sustain customer’s trust and satisfaction. They provide all kinds of hair wigs, including headband wigs of exceptional thickness. Other than that, you can find a large variety of products on their online store such as hd lace wigs, curly wigs, and more.

Headband wig– Headband wigs are as simple to put on as cap as well as they are stylish. And a source of enrichment for your beauty.

Curly wigs– Luvme Hair specializes in curly wigs for both men and women. There are a range of colors available, including blended colours and many more. If you’d like to create a curly wig in a specific color, you can contact them because Luvme also offer customization services.

Hd lace wigs– HD lace is indeed a lace that is extremely thin and light. These wigs are lighter, more breathable, and more invisible than traditional lace wigs. A Luvme real HD lace wig gives you a natural, and attractive look.

The brand continuously comes up with great new products so you will never run out of options!

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