Five Powerful Basketball Songs for March Madness

March Madness is getting closer by the day. The annual college ball tournament might be one of the United States’ most engaging basketball events, second only to the National Basketball Association finals. Ball fans from all over the country visit games, watch online or on their television, and cheer on their favorite teams. Not a game goes by that a large group of fans doesn’t erupt into song when their favored team wins the game. So, in this article, we would like to go over a few pieces that you will either sing or hear being sung at this upcoming March Madness.

We Will Rock You by Queen

How can we make a list like this without including We Will Rock You? Queen have shaped our society’s understanding of pop and rock music, and their songs are still remembered. Sure, it may not be strictly dedicated to basketball, but it is impossible to attend any sporting event without hearing the song’s iconic chorus. From basketball to football, baseball and hockey, Queen’s We Will Rock You is a staple of sports.

We Are the Champions by Queen

Somewhat related to the previous entry, Queen’s We are the Champions is also a staple of any sporting tournament. Again, not necessarily related to basketball, the infamous chorus of this song is played at the end of any big sporting match.

The March Madness tournament is especially popular among basketball bettors. Sportsbooks thoroughly analyze the events leading up to the event, and set up the best March Madness betting odds they possibly can. So, it must feel good when any bettor hears the soaring “We are the champions!” chorus after their team has scored the winning point.

He Got Game by Public Enemy

Public Enemy is one of the game’s biggest and most influential rap groups. In the late 90s, the group teamed up with director and legend Spike Lee for his film “He Got Game.” Public Enemy produced the soundtrack for the movie and later released it as an album. Unfortunately, at the time, the album sold poorly. However, since then, the title track He Got Game has become a staple of basketball events.

The mellow, melodic chorus perfectly accompanies a team’s or player’s introduction. It is also impossible to go through a match without hearing the phrase “He Got Game!” chanted every time a player scores a critical point during the game.

White Men Can’t Jump by Riff

White Men Can’t Jump, one of the most iconic basketball films ever. Starring Wesley Snipes and Woody Harrelson, a sports comedy has endured as one of the most iconic media pieces from the last century. And a big part of that is Riff’s amazingly catchy track, White Men Can’t Jump, which accompanied the film.

You might not hear this song at a match, but it is undoubtedly going through the minds of audience members every time a white player scores during a game. If you haven’t heard the song or seen the movie, do yourself a favor because both are some of the most iconic pieces in their respective mediums.

Basketball by Kurtis Blow

What other song could compare to Basketball by Kurtis Blow? The song is an ode to the sport. Simplistic lyrics make for an incredibly iconic hymn to the game we all love. It is among the first hip hop songs relating to the sport, making it one of the progenitors to the hip hop / basketball connection.

If you have not heard the song and are a fan of old-school hip hop and basketball, do yourself a favor and check it out. It may not blow your mind, but it will certainly stoke the embers of your love for the sport.

Wrapping It Up 

March Madness is one of the biggest basketball events in the USA. Fans do their utmost to show their support for the local teams. Whether it be through purchasing merchandise, putting stickers on their bags, books, or cars, or, as we’ve shown in this article, through music, we all want to display our love for some of our favorite sports teams. And the five songs in this article are a great way to do that.

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