Renting and buying property can get hectic if you do not have enough knowledge on the subject. But your house hunt can be fun and here’s how you can have a house search that will land you in your dream home. 


New Jersey stands out for having all kinds of houses and in all architectural styles that are known in the United States. Here you will become aware of all the kinds of homes that NJ has to offer.


These are the most common type that is found in New Jersey. Condos typically don’t have a private yard or the square footage of a traditional detached home but they often have the access to shared amenities that include a fitness center, pool, lounge, etc. 

Fully detached home 

This housing style is also very common in New Jersey and is traditionally found in suburbs and rural areas. They are great for growing families as they offer privacy, space, and land. They require a fair amount of maintenance as compared to other houses and come at a higher price tag. 


A co-op is a unique kind of building where the buyer buys shares in a company that owns and operates a building and receives the advantage of living in a specific unit. Although the homeowner may not own their apartment, they frequently have more control over what happens in the building as a whole, which makes it different from a condo.


It is the type of property that features multiple floors and shares one or two walls with the neighboring building but every building has a separate entrance. They are perfect for those who don’t want to deal with the maintenance that comes with a detached home. 


The loft is a specific type of building that consists of high ceilings, exposed rafters and brick, open-concept floor plans, and large windows. They are former industrial buildings that have been converted into residential housing and are high in demand and expensive as compared to a standard apartment. 


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