Fashion tips for maintaining your style at work from home

The COVID-19 epidemic left everyone with no choice but to work from home. Since everyone is at home, they can use the time to improve their fashion sense. ‘Stay at home’ workwear should be not only comfortable and relaxing but also chic, poise, and stylish. Now, Video conferencing has become a default choice as a medium of work, which means we have to look presentable. Though this is strategic, yet it’s an achievable goal.

So, are you working from home? Then this article is for you. Through this article, you can know some fashion tips for maintaining your style at work from home.

Wear clothes according to your mood

The great thing about fashion during work from home is that you can continually change it according to your mood. Maintaining your work from home style is all about balance. So, you never feel pressured. You can switch into your work clothes as if you’ve moved into the office and left your work clothes when you’ve done work for the day.

Attires for virtual meetings

Google hangouts and zoom meetings are the lifeline of business communication during work from home. So, you need to know how to dress appropriately to cope with virtual work meetings.

Although each company has its own culture and expectations, these following tips will serve as a solid foundation when choosing your outfit for a virtual meeting:

  • Get dressed for the virtual meeting as like as you are about to enter the conference room of your office.
  • Solid colours are the way to confuse patterns on camera.
  • Moreover, consider your hairstyle, surrounding, and lighting also.

Experiment with colour blendings

Since you stay home all day, you can experiment with colour blending in clothing and lipsticks. Proper colour variations make you more stylish. You can also take help from online tutorials.

Say goodbye to leggings.

When working from home, if you’re inclined to change things without comfort, here’s an idea of ​​the outfit instead of leggings:

  • Pair a large denim jacket with a T-shirt dress and a fun pair of earrings.
  • A tank top with wide-leg pants and spice it up with a cute scrunchy or headband.
  • Slide into a cropped sweatshirt with a pair of comfortable joggers.

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