Famous Places in Gangnam Rodeo Street

Whether you want to visit a baseball stadium or a Buddhist temple, there are some famous places in Gangnam that you shouldn’t miss. These places are not only good for entertainment but they also provide you with some amazing views of the city.

Bongeunsa Buddhist Temple

Located in Samseong-dong in Gangnam, Bongeunsa Buddhist Temple is a millennial temple. It was built in the year 794 by the Buddhist monk Yeonhoei, during the reign of King Wonseong of the Silla Dynasty.

Today, Bongeunsa Temple is a Zen Buddhist temple that is known for its woodblock carvings. It has 3,479 Buddhist scriptures of 13 different kinds.

The statue of Maitreya Buddha 강남더킹 stands 23 meters tall, making it the tallest statue of Maitreya in Korea. The temple also features a traditional Korean Buddhist temple complex.

Visitors can also learn about traditional Korean Buddhist culture through Temple Life. It teaches mental training and lantern making. The temple also runs a temple-stay program. In this program, visitors can stay overnight and participate in Buddhist activities. The programs allow visitors to learn about the Buddha’s teachings and purify their bodies and minds.

Gangnam baseball stadium

Located on the south bank of the Han River, Gangnam is one of the most popular tourist spots in Seoul. It is also home to some of South Korea’s biggest brands. Gangnam is a vibrant area that embraces modernity with open arms. The district has skyscrapers, department stores, restaurants, and malls.

Gangnam has a variety of museums and attractions. The Coreana Cosmetic Museum is the largest art museum in the city. The museum exhibits a collection of 53,000 items, including a modern art hall. The museum also supports experimental art.

There are also several underground shopping centers in the area. Gangnam Station Underground Shopping Center is a good place to shop for trendy items at a reasonable price.

Lotte World

Located in Seoul, South Korea, Lotte World is one of the famous places to visit in Gangnam. This recreation complex offers multiple attractions, including a mega shopping mall, an aquarium, a theme park, an observatory, and a luxury hotel. The largest of its kind in the world, Lotte World is a popular tourist destination.

The Lotte World Aquarium houses over 50,000 animals from over 600 species. It also features an underwater tunnel. Its main tank is the largest in the country. The exhibits are highly entertaining, and it strives to inspire a deeper appreciation of the sea. For those traveling with children, a ticket to the aquarium is 27,000 won.

Club Octagon and Club Answer

Among the many clubs in Seoul, the Octagon and Club Answer are the biggest and the most famous. They are famous 강남초원의집 for their nightlife and are located in Gangnam. These clubs have several levels and are a great choice for a night out. You can expect a lot of different music styles and a unique style.

The answer club features a VIP room with a very impressive sound system. It has been the host of some of the best DJs in Korea. You will have to book a table for this club before 11PM. The cost is around 500,000 Won.

The club has several other notable features. The club has a swimming pool, a large video screen, a DJ stage and a high quality custom built music system. This is a great place to go if you are a techno fan.


Located in South Korea, Seonjeongneung is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that has two main burial areas for the Joseon dynasty kings. It is also the burial place for Queen Jeonghyeon.

In addition to the burial site, Seonjeongneung is also a large park that contains two other burial areas for the Joseon dynasty queens. It is one of the most popular attractions in Gangnam. It is also an excellent place for photography.

Another tourist destination in Gangnam is the LG Arts Center. This modern performing arts auditorium is located 선릉라이언 at Yeoksam Station on line 9. It is a great venue for live performances by Korean artists. It is also an ideal place for tourists to watch Korean traditional culture.

Rodeo Street

Among the popular places in Gangnam, Rodeo Street stands out. This area is known as a center for trendy fashion. There are lots of high-end stores selling branded clothes. There are also a lot of trendy restaurants and cafes. The area is popular among young Koreans.

Rodeo Street is a place where you can find many things, from luxury clothes to cheap shoes. There are also karaoke bars, cafes, and other shops to keep you entertained. It has a lot to offer tourists and locals alike.


If you’re looking for something to do, Rodeo Street is the place to go. You can visit shops, restaurants, and galleries. You can also try out the area’s cafes, which offer Thai and Japanese food. There are also a lot of second-hand stores.

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