Factors to Consider When Buying Jacto Sprayers

The Jacto sprayer is an agricultural spraying equipment that helps in the fight against pests and diseases. In addition, it helps in the distribution of fertilizers.

This article focuses on the Jacto sprayer price in Kenya. Farmers need it, whether for small-scale or large-scale fields. Therefore its purchase is coupled with specific factors that you must consider before buying it.

Many farmers find it necessary to apply agricultural chemicals such as pesticides to protect the crop against diseases and gain a better harvest. Most small-scale farmers need it since it primarily applies in a considerable agricultural land where one can walk while spraying.

Here are some factors on my list that one should consider before buying one;

Choose trusted supplier

Jacto sprayers have several parts that need to be taken care of. This means that when you need a new one, the supplier of your choice should guarantee necessary spare parts and maintain an excellent aftersales relationship.

Seek suppliers that are interested in offering good quality products because some suppliers can be dealers who are only interested in selling their products.

  • Agricultural seasons.

Suitable seasons for agriculture mark the demand for agricultural products to increase; hence the Jacto sprayer price in Kenya may shoot up.

For this reason, you have to do proper planning considering the time and seasons of good cultivation. In addition, the weather change that best suits the type of crop you plant and that requires protection.

There are some conditions under this factor.

  • Level of crop growth
  • Type of crop
  • Climate change.

This affects the rate of its price as many farmers need it.

  • Look beyond price.

The Jacto sprayer price in Kenya varies in different markets. Your need will determine the best type of service you need from the sprayer. Having high price tags doesn’t resemble good quality most of the time, and it might be fake.

These conditions include;

  • Check the part of the sprayer if they best resemble your list.
  • Confirm the available features if they are of the suitable type you require.
  • Please discuss with your fellow farmers that have experienced its use.

This consideration may help you to get the excellent quality you need.

  • Durability

The services of the spray should be good, and it should also be long-lasting. That is for your benefit and proper maintenance.

The price will increase if its durability level is good. Besides, no one wants to keep repairing the sprayer constantly. This will be determined by the material quality used in its production.

Some suitable materials include steel coats, plastic, and even stainless steel. This material, when used in different parts, may enhance durability, thus leading to proper lasting.

  • Design make-up.

Jacto Sprayer is designed differently, which may affect the price. If you need a comfortable one while spraying, the plastic pump may be slightly curved for proper lay on the back, thus achieving comfort. This makes it possible to spray for long hours during the day.

The nozzle consideration should be prioritized since it accounts for the spray jetted to the crop.

In addition, some factors include:

  • Exposure of the operator to chemicals
  • Ease of mixing the liquids
  • The service life.


The above-listed factors best affect the price of Jacto Sprayer in Kenya; thus, one has to consider them when buying.

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