Factors affecting the prices of Decra Roofing Sheets

Decra roofing sheets are stone-coated metals that are used in construction. One of the main factors affecting the use of the sheets is price. This article focuses on the costs of Decra roofing sheets and the factors to consider when using them.

Over the last few years, we have seen the construction industry grow a lot; hence, most contractors opt to use these sheets instead of the old traditional sheets, leading to a change in prices. This article focuses on the factors affecting the pricing of Decra roofing sheets.

Cost of production

Production is the heart of everything, which is also the primary determinant of Decra roofing sheets prices Kenya, when they make their way to the marketplace. The same is the case with Decra. The production of these sheets is relatively expensive compared to corrugated metal, which means their prices will increase in the marketplace.

Transport cost

With the global rise in fuel prices, the cost of transportation of goods from one place has gone up, not leaving behind this product. They must be transported from the main factory to the warehouse and finally to the construction site, which means all this cost is included while buying them. The shorter the distance, the lower the price, and vice versa, is also accurate.


We agree that most of the production work is done by machines, but we must recognize that human labor is vital from production to installation. Since we only have a few people specializing in Decra roofing, they will most likely overcharge. Also, the installation is quite complex, so the cost of using Decra is higher.


Heavy taxation by the government has led to an increase in the prices of construction materials countrywide. This is one of the most significant contributors to the higher Prices of these coated tiles.

Building size

The size of the building one is constructing is the primary determinant of the price of Decra. Large buildings may cost less than small ones because they buy many for less and less for much, which is primarily policy companies use to encourage customers to go for more quantity.

Site area

We have areas where coated sheets are mostly recommended. It’s in these areas that the sheets are the most expensive since traders take advantage of this situation.

Government policies

In recent years certain governments of different countries have preferred using Decra stone coated roofing sheets. This has increased prices where the government says these sheets must be used.

Change in climatic conditions

Climate has been changing over the years, requiring a change also in our lives. Old traditional roofing sheets are now being replaced with Decra since they can withstand strong and harsh weather, including winds which add to shooting prices the same, with each season coming with a new fee.


The above article has defined most factors affecting the prices of Decra roofing materials. It is used to compare and contrast to make a wise decision before using them for roofing. As a result, it would be best for constructors and everybody working in the construction industry.

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