Experts suggest these industries to make money online

TikTok Consultant

TikTok ‘s statistics show us that it is the social network with the most growth potential. 

For that reason, every business wants to have a presence on TikTok.

But this network has certain peculiarities in relation to content, which is why marketing departments often have a hard time generating content that goes beyond doing a little dance with employees. If you master this tool, advising companies to learn how to use the platform and be able to publish new and impressive content can become one of the most profitable businesses in 2023.

Your services as a TikTok expert may be, among others, the following: 

  • Content creator for companies: for companies to achieve greater visibility on the social network. 
  • TikTok Trainer: with the aim of enabling companies to make more effective use of the tool. 
  • TikTok Consultant: Explaining the ins and outs of the platform and solving the main outreach issues between businesses and freelancers. 
  • influencer advisor: who are already successful on other social networks like Instagram and who want to make the leap to TikTok.
  • TikTok Monetization Manager: Teaching businesses how to make money with TikTok .

Rural tourism virtual agent

Are you thinking about which is one of the profitable businesses in towns that works best in Spain in 2023? 

Well, without a doubt, the rural tourism virtual agent is one of the best. 

Contrary to what happened with traditional travel agencies, which needed a physical location, today you can create rural tourist experiences if you know your area of ​​residence well. And you only need a website and Internet access. 

We are, therefore, before a cheap solution and demand, since people want to enjoy the towns doing fun and different things. 

So if you live in a rural area, one of the profitable businesses in towns that will give you the most joy is to become a virtual agent for rural tourism. 

Toy Fixer

Toys increasingly have more electronic components. And that often causes a toy to stop working without anyone knowing the reason why that has happened. 

The problem is that children are not as understanding as adults. So if a toy breaks, your child will probably be your worst nightmare until you fix the toy or buy a new one

If you’re a handyman and you’re good at electronic components, one of the booming businesses in Spain is toy repair. 

Do you still have doubts? Remember that inflation and high energy costs are making many families have a hard time buying new toys for their children. Therefore, they are eager to find a “toy hospital” where they can fix broken toys. 

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