Expensive Mastiff Dogs | Price, Temperament & Behavior

The TM dog is an excellent choice for people who love a protective and loyal breed and has deep wallets. While these dogs are loyal and protective of their owners and family members, they are also friendly and gentle with children IF they have been trained and socialized.

This is an independent, fearless dog that will protect its family and home. However, if the TM is not properly socialized at an early age, it can become dominating. Also, this breed comes with a rather hefty price tag, and often costs $5000 to $8000. So, this is one of the most expensive dogs in the world. But apart from all that, the Tibetan Mastiff can be a wonderful companion for a family.

A typical TM dog is quiet and watchful. Although it is a gentle dog, it will be guarding and protective of the family. It is very playful and friendly with children but is suspicious of strangers. This dog can be aggressive towards noisy children and other pets.

The breed is very large and powerful and can protect an entire family if the need arises. It can be difficult to train as a puppy, but with proper socialization and positive reinforcement training, it will soon become a well-behaved pet.

Mastiff Exercise & Attitude

The Mastiff is a very strong breed that needs to be handled and trained with love and care. While they are an excellent guard dog, they can be prone to aggression towards other animals and intruders. The owner should be patient with their TM dogs and try to prevent them from being overly aggressive through intelligent training. If you become successful with training you TM pup, it can grow to become an exceptional dog with the qualities to protect a family and property.

Its instincts and behavior are geared toward working and herding. It bonds with its flock of animals and, of course, with its own family. It can make its own wild decisions regarding who is a friend and who is a threat. Because of its independence, it will attempt to dominate everything in its environment. Remember that the TM dog needs to be fenced in to prevent escapes. Off-leash walking is a no-no! Always keep your TM on a leash when going for a walk.

Your Tibetan Mastiff Will Be Loyal

Again, the T Mastiff has a reputation for being extremely loyal to its family. However, they may try to interject in heated family arguments and may even try to join the neighborhood watch committee. But beware, since the Mastiff is very territorial and will try to dominate, it is not always recommended to have this dog in a family with other animals, if they are unpredictable and noisy.

This dog’s coat can be thick and should be brushed on a regular basis, and it sheds once per year for about a month. The coat should be trimmed at least once a year. Again, it’s important to remember that these dogs shed during the winter, and you should make sure you keep your home clean so that you don’t get drowned in hair. For more information visit this site: isaimini

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