Exciting Things That You Can Do With Adobe Creative Cloud!

Adobe CC is a world full of many possibilities that you will have explored for days but still manage to find something new. It offers a wide range of tools, programs, software and more. Adobe cc has become one of the most popular companies around the entire globe and rightfully so because of its many capabilities. Several things go unheard of in Adobe cc. 

There are many programs availed through Adobe and all of those programs have many hidden features that are quite interesting and ingenious. And to acknowledge what those capabilities will benefit you boundlessly. This guide will give you an overall look at how you can use Adobe programs to their fullest potential through these exciting specifications.

Exciting Things You can do in Adobe CC!

The myriad of programs availed by Adobe CC all possess features that go beyond the limits of merely helping a person organize, edit, or moderate. And what lies on the line of that limit are tricks that go unnoticed by several people. Here are a few of the many things you can do on Adobe CC;

  • InDesign

This program is famous for its services offering an individual to make designs, edit layouts, and so much more. Now here are some things that its fame did not quite reach it:

  • It avails creation of high-resolution vector logos that have an intuitive pattern and have drawing tools like Illustrator – you can do this through the tool panel where you will find pencil tool, smooth tool, polygon, rectangle, and other such tools, which help in making brand-worthy logos 
  • EPUBs are pretty popular amongst several e-readers, but it often gets stuck behind the glass of PDFs. InDesign helps you create EPUBs of high quality and come with varying options to read comfortably. One can make reflowable and fixed-layout EPUBs in InDesign. Adding interactive elements is also relatively easy; it can be done through the EPUB interactivity panel 
  • You can have access to fonts and stamps that may as well be rivals to that of Photoshop. It is also great for creating beautiful Drop Caps, which are highly famous in classic novels, or fantasy novels.
  • Illustrator

A hit amongst artists, and mostly a hit or miss amongst others; Illustrator has a wide range of capabilities. It is excellent for creating novel artworks, logos, editing previously made layouts or art; but there are some of its features that you may not have known of:

  • One of the best things that Illustrator avails of is its tools for creating custom letters. These letters are designed entirely by you and perfectly fit your needs from a font. There is an easy-to-read tutorial that can guide you on how to do so (https://www.creativebloq.com/design/create-custom-lettered-logo-illustrator-2122878
  • The Live color tool allows you to create your unique color palette, which consists of colors that you use the most and want to use the most 
  • When writing something, especially for logos, it can become difficult to position the word in the shapely form you wish for it to take. Illustrator avails control over each letter by using the Touch Type tool that adjusts rotation, kerning, and scaling of each character as a separate entity 

  • Photoshop

Photoshop is the most popular of all Adobe CC programs, with features and tools that can satiate every need of any person to ever step into Photoshopping. However, there are still uncharted areas that are pretty useful:

  • A plugin of Photoshop called LiveShare PS enables one to share their real-time work being done in Photoshop with other people, such as clients or teammates. This allows immediate opinions on any changes required and real-time monitoring of the progress being made on the work 
  • The beneficial Match Font tool in Photoshop avails a service that many people wonder if any software offers; it recognizes the font used in any image and finds its source for you. This way, when you like a font a lot but do not know its origins or name, you can put it through the Match Font tool in Photoshop and get it for yourself 
  • Often there are great photos that get mistakenly shook when being clicked. Some people keep it that way for artistic purposes, but it can look nothing more than a shaken picture. In photoshop, when editing an image, you can go to the filter menu bar, select Sharpen, and then select Shake Reduction to omit this 

  • Lightroom

The Photoshop Lightroom is a younger version of its older sibling photoshop. Still, it also offers excellent quality features that are highly useful on many occasions and for several individuals, including professionals. It has one exciting service availed that is:

  • You can create a panorama with multiple different pictures. Frequently, it is challenging to take a panorama picture – but mostly, clicking pictures through this effect ruins the overall quality of the image. By having the feature of creating a panorama with individual photos, one thing you can assure is the retention of high-quality pictures 

  • Adobe Acrobat

PDFs are difficult to edit, no matter how easy it is to be sent, and no issue how it can retain high quality. There needs to be a lot of conversions made for you to make changes in the PDFs. But with Adobe Acrobat, you can make edits in the PDFs without downloading several other software and tools. 

  • It allows you to make edits on PDFs and with several tools that are useful for editing and rendering the document, along with pictures 
  • It allows you to collaborate on one PDF with many other people and make working together in a team much more straightforward and without any fuss 

Final Thoughts! 

These are some of the most used programs of Adobe, which have availed a myriad of features – but remain in the dark when it comes to the actual full performance that it is capable of. To keep exploring any program, you use the path to mastering how to use it. And Adobe programs give this opportunity endlessly.