Everything You Should Know About Amazon’s “New World”

As the largest e-commerce platform in the United States, Amazon always tries to break new ground in new fields, but in the field of games, even e-commerce giants suffer everywhere. As early as 2016, Amazon announced three new games, including breakaway, New World and Crucible. The development of breakaway was terminated in 2017 for some special reasons, and the server was shut down on November 9, 2020, leaving only the unsold New World This single seedling supports.

On September 29 this year, “New World” was finally released in the steam. On the first day of its official launch, the peak number of online games reached 502000, surpassing Dota 2, GTA V, and apex hero. It ranked second only to CS: go on the steam list. At present, the number of Online Games is still soaring.

So what kind of magic does New World have that can be widely sought after by players on the day it goes online? What kind of game is it that makes them frustrated Amazon finds the hope of turning over? Will the proud achievements of the New World be a flash in the pan or the beginning of a legend?

Everything You Should Know About Amazon’s “New World”

The combat system of the New World is very similar to the soul of darkness. New World gold is a game currency that you can use to buy gears, weapons and items. It attaches great importance to the open moves and resource management during combat. The setting of endurance value makes many players have to attack and defend within a limited range. In today’s MMORPG games with soaring values and emphasis on special effects, it is a real hardcore and looks like an alien. But the most noteworthy thing about this game is not its combat system, but the sandbox playing method that emphasizes the concept of “New World”

There is a construction system in the game. Players can build anything in the game. Even some basic materials need to be created by players themselves. Most of the time, it is difficult to find convenient merchants and shops. As its name is general, the place where players are in is a New World that needs to be built.

Therefore, in this game, many places maintain extremely primitive habits. Players even need to hunt and collect herbs to ensure survival in the wild. The existence of life skills is to make players have a sense of substitution in the role-playing of the game, even eating and drinking water and other NW gold​ trading system.

There is also a weapon-building system in the game, which is basically to let players refresh the equipment entries in the name of forging, and the forged workbench can also be temporarily built in the field. In the game, players not only play a soldier fighting in all directions but also be a panacea that takes into account the professional skills of carpenters, miners, hunters, and farmers.

This immersive feeling is also what the game “New World” should emphasize. The continuously refined construction and survival system are to let players experience the life experience of the game world after fighting and construct a sufficiently real game world view. Although most of them have nothing to do with the main battle of the game, these details can also enrich the content of role-playing and make players more aware of the importance of the world outlook in the game.

The New World launched by Amazon may hide their vision of developing the player community and creating a “New World of games”, which may be realized in MMORPG with a strong sense of role-playing.

New world has such a strong European and American MMORPG feature. The player is neither a chosen person nor a brave person. He is just an ordinary adventurer who encounters an accident on the way to the New World. The game does not even have a hard career choice. The classification standard depends on what weapons and skills the player use, which are the abilities of all players.

In the European and American MMORPG such as New World, players should choose their own way of survival and their own camp. As early as the World of Warcraft, there were tribes and alliances. The classic Korean MMORPG Jianling also had factions of hunting cult and Wulin alliance. In New World, players can choose three independent gangs. Gangs can provide players with exclusive stores and independent tasks, and even have their own gang territory.

The division of camps is also improving the structure of the whole game world outlook. The birth of different factions allows players to view the culture and background of the game from different angles. At the same time, group players are also more conducive to forming small groups to gather strength. Conflict and confrontation are also the contradictions needed to unite players to some extent.