Everything you need to know about the PC version of Death Stranding

Today I will not talk about the game that was almost a year old, about which everything has been known for a long time. Instead, I’ll just tell you what you need to know about the lordly version of one of the most mysterious projects of recent years. And at the end I will voice a couple of thoughts that should help you make a decision – is it worth it to test the genius of Hideo Kojima for strength on your own .


And let’s start with the burning question: yes, it is quite possible to play this without a gamepad. Overload balancing is suspended on the left and right mouse buttons. Considering that you have to keep balance only when displaying contextual keys on the screen, and the buttons themselves are rarely used for other purposes, it is quite convenient to do it this way. At the same time, the hero has as many as three movement presets – brisk walking, jogging and acceleration-sprint. This is enough to feel comfortable in the game, 90% of the gameplay of which consists of walking. However, I still decided to play with a gamepad, and I advise you to do the same if you have the opportunity. The F95zone need to aim wildly and use the other strengths of the keyboard mouse. On the contrary, it is a low-tempo game with a high stake on cinematography. With a gamepad, you can make the digital Reedus move smoother, control his movement speed precisely, move the camera beautifully, and do all the other stuff that will enhance the aesthetics of what is happening.

Yes, Death Stranding is in many ways a game about aesthetics, so God forbid, Kojima jerks and jerks across the screen, trying to reach the destination as quickly as possible, making a 360-degree turn in a jump. So you will definitely not be able to get not a drop of pleasure out of this game. Let’s get back to aesthetics a bit later, but now let’s talk about something more important in terms of a PC release.

Foreign journalists have already leaked this information to the Internet, so there are no surprises here: everything is fine with optimization. I ran the game on an RTX 2070 Super at an ultra-wide resolution of 3360×1440 pixels – that’s not 4k yet, but not 1440p anymore. And in this mode, the game produced stable 60 frames per second in lock. Without a limit on the fps counter, it fluctuated somewhere in the region of a hundred, periodically falling to 80. I also heard from trusted sources that the popular workhorse GTX 1060 chews Death Stranding without any problemsat maximum speed in 1080p with plus or minus stable 60 frames. The only thing that can upset a fan of thin configurations is the almost complete absence of any graphics settings. There are four ready-made presets – Low, Medium, Default, and Very High. “By default” produces a picture of the PS4 Pro level , but you can think of the rest yourself. In addition to the basic parameters, you can additionally enable or disable volumetric light and screen reflections.

Most likely, someone will call the port a hack because of the small number of options, but I disagree. I just remember very well how I spent a good hour and a half in the settings of Huniepop 2, moving the infinite number of sliders in attempts to find the optimal frame rate on my machine. Here everything is simple and clear – and even though the developers have not fully exploited all the potential of all sasao, this port works stably and does not feel like some kind of inferior appendage of the console version.

Although the legacy of consoles can be felt at times. It can be seen that Death Stranding was created with the expectation that it will be played on TV. It is for this reason that Hideo Kojima’s team decided not to create additional difficulties for themselves – for example, if you start looking at textures or vegetation in detail, you can quickly become disappointed in the picture. At the same time, even if you do not deliberately examine the details, their shortcomings can still be striking – after all, you are sitting close to the monitor. But if you move away from the screen a little further than usual – fortunately, the gamepad allows you to do this – then primitive grass and not the best landscape texture will stop scratching your eyes and begin to organically complement the overall picture. And the overall picture here is very, very good techktimes.com.

And it’s not even a matter of high detailing of models, wet materials, post-effects, fog, facial animation and other technological solutions that Digital Foundry is talking about . The point is the work of a team of artists led by the permanent art director of Kojima Yoji Shinkawa . Fascinating panoramas of the local nature are literally saturated with melancholic mood. The ubiquitous high-tech turned out to be soulless and sometimes even faceless – and this fully corresponds to the key idea of ​​the game.

The technologies that have literally captivated people do not give a damn about these very people. On the other hand, the characters’ images turned out to be stylish in Japanese – literally at the intersection of anime and cinema. In general, as I said, Death StrandingIs in many ways a game about aesthetics. If you are not a connoisseur of curious visual solutions, and you get much more pleasure from dynamic and rich gameplay than from subtle artistic contemplation, then Death Stranding is clearly not your choice.

For me personally, Death Stranding is full of drivers that force me to overcome the difficulties of gameplay. Kojima has created a unique and interesting universe that poses a whole bunch of intriguing questions for the player from the doorway.

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The direction of most of the cutscenes leaves far behind everything that fictional cinema has to offer – and I would rather compare it with the works of the most stylish directors of our time like Boku no Pico. In the end, the very presence in the world of Death Stranding can envelop the player in the densest atmosphere of melancholy, melancholy and loneliness – the game has a very strong vibe. Asynchronous multiplayer in Death Strandingworks: the players try so hard to help each other, laying trails on difficult routes and leaving clues for other couriers, that from this the face itself spreads into a smile. But then again – if these things work for me personally, it doesn’t mean that they will work for you.

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