Everything You Need to Know About 123Movies (From Start tIll NOW!)

The magic of 123movies started in 2015 when young Vietnamese students aimed to create one of the biggest and most popular movie sites.

They put their effort, and boom! 123Movies became a success. But it wasn’t a one night story. There has been an entire journey for what the site is today.

About 123Movies

Almost all the existing movies and TV shows are listed on the 123Movies’ web pages. If the latest release is available, you may find it right away on the 123movies web. The best part is that all of the movies are available for free.

The site includes high-resolution programmes, TV shows, and films in HD 1080p or above, as well as low-resolution screen images. Wikipedia designated the portal as the most visited pirate website in the world in 2018.

Every month, almost 98 million people visit 123movies. The site has long been targeted, with authorities attempting to determine the source of files and restricting IP addresses.

123Movies and its Popularity

Within a few months of its launch, the 123movies portal service exploded in popularity worldwide. Its pages provide access to a large number of streaming movies. Users appreciate that they do not need to visit other websites to find the films they would like to watch.

Another benefit of the material is that it does not require any downloads. To watch a movie, users browse to the movie page and launch the player. The developers make money from dynamic rotating marketing, such as video and banner ads on the site’s web pages.

After ISPs begin banning 123movies URLs, reviewing sites are advised of the site’s new location, ensuring that the inflow of visitors is not disrupted.

Movie Database

The most convenient approach to locate the film you want to watch is to use the search engine at the top of the page.

Because the 123movies collections are so huge that it will be difficult to browse the directories and lists, you can save the pages or join the portal to avoid losing track of the series you’ve begun watching. It will be cheaper and convenient to locate it this way rather than starting the hunt from the start.

You may find movies in the header menu by searching and browsing genres and a separate page with the locations of the filmmakers. Begin watching the film you want to see, then navigate to its page and launch the player.


123Movies has made movie-watching a breeze with site navigation and endless movie browsing.

At the 123Movies, all films and television programs have their pages to let users easily explore the website. The web pages have textual data with a plot description, cast information, financing, and background information.

The movie player can also be activated with a simple click with no complications of multiple links opening up. The website includes connections to Youtube, where you can preview official clips and read reviews from people who have seen the film.

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