Elevator shoes – are you looking for a boost to your height?

If you find yourself dreaming of adding some height to your stature, you can stop dreaming and make being taller your reality when you purchase a pair of elevator shoes to give you that boost you are fantasizing about.

Elevator shoes are designed with the goal of increasing your height in mind and keeping you comfortable on a day-to-day basis.

With thickened sections throughout the insole of the shoes, you can add up to 2 to 3 inches to your height. Some companies even claim their shoes will increase your height by up to 5 inches.

If you are looking for a boost to your height and your confidence, guidomaggi elevator shoes are the answer you are looking for. Elevator shoes come in a variety of styles. There seems to be an endless number of suppliers selling elevator shoes online, sometimes they are called lift shoes. With a wide range of prices and materials used to create the shoes; you will be able to customize your look.

No matter your style or comfort level, there is a pair of guidomaggi elevator shoes for you. The market is pretty extensive. If you are looking for a running shoe, an everyday shoe, or going for a more dressed-up look, you will find what you’re looking for online.

Elevator shoes are also designed with your comfort in mind. When you think of a shoe that is made to increase height, you can’t help but think of high heels and the discomfort associated with them, especially with everyday wear.

Elevator shoes have extra padding in the soles of the shoe, providing a nice cushion for your tender tootsies; they also distribute your weight more evenly over the shoe, unlike heels where the balls of your feet and heels having all your weight bearing down on them.

There are numerous benefits to purchasing elevator shoes and incorporating them into your everyday life. Let us explore some of these benefits your elevator shoes will offer you.

The benefit of improved posture

Elevator shoes can help to ease your back pain and act as a shock absorber for your knees. With lessened pain in your back and knees, your posture will improve over time. Not only will an improved posture help to alleviate back and knee pain, but it will also help to relieve neck and shoulder pain, by encouraging you to stop slouching. When you stand up tall with your shoulders back and squared, you will be straighter and taller, which will also help to increase your height a bit, and even look a little leaner.

Some more benefits of an improved posture are:

  • Can help to breathe easier
  • Can help to promote bone health
  • Can help to boost blood circulation
  • Can help to boost mood
  • Can help to reduce headaches

The benefit of increased height

I know this one is obvious, but it is the main reason for buying and wearing elevator shoes for the “elevation,” hence the shoes’ name.

Not only will these shoes increase your height, but they are discreet in their heightening abilities. Since the insoles are where the padding is, you can’t tell from just looking at the shoes that you are adding a few extra inches to your height.

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