Draymond Green vs Jordan Poole

The internal relationships within the best sports teams in the entire world can be quite difficult to handle sometimes. The website 1xbet.pk provides best online betting in Pakistan, and it also allows its members to wager on plenty of different sports disciplines.

On the 5th of October 2022 an occurrence that took place within the Golden State Warriors proved that the NBA is not immune to difficulties either. A video leaked of a training session of the squad. Here it was possible to see player Draymond Green approaching his teammate Jordan Poole. The website 1xBet Pakistan provides the best online betting experience in which punters can wager on all matches of the NBA too.

It seemed that they exchanged a few words. Suddenly, Green transformed himself into Muhammad Ali and delivered a magnificent right-handed punch to his teammate. If this would have been a boxing contest, Green would have been declared the winner due to a knock-out, and his abilities would have been praised.

Yet, since this was a basketball training session, other people quickly stepped in and prevented things from escalating even further.

What exactly happened?

The situation that led to this event is not entirely clear. While waiting for other sportspeople who want to imitate famous boxers, you can visit the secure online casino on 1xbet.pk/casino and win with its games.

After what happened, Draymond Green quickly apologized to his teammate and his family. He argued that he was under severe personal problems, but that those circumstances didn’t justify what ultimately happened. Obviously, he was also upset with the video being leaked into the Internet. The secure online casino on the 1xBet website is a perfect place to visit before the next match of the Golden State Warriors begins.

Consequences of the event

Inevitably, this circumstance would have consequences not only for the two players involved, but also for the team as a whole. The Golden State Warriors had been quite successful up to that point, for this reason, this occurrence was quite shocking for NBA fans. While waiting for other matches of this competition you can go to 1xBet – visit one of best slots site and try all its excellent games out.

Some of the broader consequences of this event included:

  • Green requested some time away from the team;
  • he was fined by both his team and the NBA;
  • and also, Steve Kerr, who was the coach of the team at the moment, stated that a huge crisis unfolded as a result of this occurrence.

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