Kohl’s mission is to inspire and encourage families to live whole lives. The goal of this objective is to reward consumers. For years, they have rewarded customers with excellent products, unbelievable bargains, and an unrivaled customer experience that can only be found at Kohl’s. Their successful teams are fueled by a results-driven, compassionate, and bold culture, which encourages a test-and-learn attitude. Kohl’s employees also contribute to this mission by demonstrating their values daily, such as keeping consumers first, operating with integrity, developing excellent teams, and achieving outcomes. They provide their consumers Kohl’s Charge Card, which has many benefits but drawbacks too. For checking Kohls Promo Code, visit the globenewswire 

Fees and Drawbacks of the Kohl’s Charge Card

Deals available for only a limited time

One of the most significant disadvantages of the Kohl’s Charge card is the inability to redeem rewards at any time. In addition, your exclusive deals are only valid for a limited time; if you skip them, you’re out of luck.

Furthermore, your rewards might become complicated since Kohl’s provides two other programs separate from the Kohl’s Charge card: Yes2You Rewards and Kohl’s Cash.

Yes2You give customers one point for every dollar spent, with a $5 incentive for every 100 points. Members of Yes2You also receive a free birthday gift and the opportunity to earn additional points.

Kohl’s Cash is a scheme in which customers receive $10 in Kohl’s Cash for every $50 spent. If you purchase online, the coupon is forwarded to you; if you shop in-store, it is provided to you as a coupon or is accessible at an in-store kiosk. If you have an online account, it is also accessible in your Kohl’s Wallet. Kohl’s Cash cannot be used to buy gift cards or Kohl’s Cares products.

only be stacked when the promotion time coincide

The sad fact is that you can only stack coupons when the promotion periods coincide. This may be quite perplexing if you have difficulty maintaining track of your coupons and their different expiration dates. It may also be irritating if you have a hectic lifestyle and lose out on the best days to spend or miss out on your promotional dates entirely.

high APR

Another significant disadvantage of the Kohl’s Charge card is the high APR. Cardmembers who maintain a balance will quickly amass enormous interest costs at 24.99 percent, particularly with modest minimum payments extended over long periods. In addition, late fines might cost you up to $38.

Final Thoughts

The Kohl’s Charge card is a no-brainer for frequent Kohl’s customers. You’re undoubtedly accustomed to keeping track of promotional dates with your Yes2You Rewards and Kohl’s Cash, so what are a few more promo periods to add to the mix?

If you don’t buy at Kohl’s frequently or can’t keep notes of different coupons and their expiration dates, this isn’t the card for you. However, you can avail Kohl’s promo codes with this card. With Kohl’s promo codes, you can get 30% off coupons.

It’s also not the option for you if you require a card for everyday usage or want to earn rewards on every transaction – instead, search for a more broad cash-back credit card.