Don’t Miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity: the Maxim88 Raffles Draw

Online casinos are a gambling enthusiast’s fantasy come true. The fact that online casinos like Maxim88 gives us the possibility to play all of our favorite casino games on our phones, without having to physically go to a casino, is such a dream come true. It’s the finest moment to be an online gamer, with new and wonderful online casinos coming up every day, boasting the best games in the business.

What is Maxim88?

With a global reputation that has expanded beyond the continent, Maxim88 has Number 1 Trusted online casino in Singapore, being used as a model and textbook example of what a decent and dependable online casino should be like. The online casino offers a wide range of games to choose from, including multiplayer games like poker, baccarat, and blackjack, as well as single games like arcade games, shooting games, slot games, and more. 

The Maxim88 raffles draw

Maxim88 is hosting yet another raffle draw this year, if you are a Maxim88 member then you are surely in luck, because the popular Maxim88 weekly raffle draw is back. This raffle draw event is only exclusive to online casino players that own a Maxim88 account. For those that do not know, a raffle draw is a competition in which all participants must draw a number at random, and then the host of this competition will announce at the end which number gets to win the prize of the event, it is a competition that is based purely for luck and done for the members’ enjoyment only. This raffle draw will be refreshed weekly (resets on Monday), and will be an event that extends all year.

How do I sign up for the Maxim88 raffle draw?

If you have a Maxim88 account already, congratulations, you are already a participant of this raffle draw. Maxim88 has automatically signed every member up for this draw, there is no registration required. Remember, only Maxim88 members are entitled to participate in the raffle draw, if you are still do not own an account at Maxim88, then you should definitely do it now or risk missing out on this wonderful opportunity to win free cash and play high quality online casino games on the best online casino in Asia. More information on how to create a Maxim88 account can be found below.

How does the Maxim88 raffle draw work?

The number drawing process for this raffle draw will be done by handing out tickets. For each 100 valid bet amount or turnover made by the player who owns the account at Maxim88, a ticket containing the number for the Maxim88 raffle draw will be dispensed to their account inbox, under the message titled “number of ticket”. This number is a 14 digit serial number that looks something like this: 20220207033564. The first eight digit is the indicator for the date in which this number is drawn for the attached Maxim88 account, and the rest of the digits indicate the unique individual serial number of the ticket you have received.

At the end of every week, the Maxim88 team will randomly generate more than 200 serial numbers, these generated numbers will be the winners of the raffle draw for the week and they will be announced at the Maxim88 draw page. You can find the Maxim88 draw page by going to the Maxim88 official site and then click on the ‘Maxim88’ draw tab.

What are the prizes for the Maxim88 raffle draw?

Every week more than 200 winners will be announced, the announcement will be made at the Maxim88 official site raffle draw page, at exactly 19:00 (GMT+8) on Monday. There will be a first, second and third prize winner, and the rest will receive a consolation prize consisting of 88 MYR bonus finds. The first prize winner will receive 1,288 MYR, whereas the second and third prize winners will receive 888 MYR and 688 MYR respectively. The prizes will be awarded to all winning members the same way members through the account inbox, under the message titled “the prize of the Maxim88 draw”. Prizes will be given at the same time as the announcement for the winning numbers have been made.

Rules and Regulations

Of course, like any other promotions provided by Maxim88, there will be terms and conditions applied for the raffle draw. In this event, members are not allowed to create more than one account in order to increase their chances of drawing the first prize in the event. This is a rule that must not be broken or exploited, any offending members found breaking this rule will risk getting banned by the online casino. Furthermore, bet amount and turnover can only be played and accumulated from every provider available at Maxim88, with the exception of 918kiss, allbet, IDN Poker and Mega888. As always, Maxim88 reserves the right to modify or withdraw any terms and conditions listed for this raffle draw. For more information on the terms and conditions of this exclusive event, visit the Maxim88 draw page.

How do I create a Maxim88 account?

If you are new to the online casino scene, you are probably wondering how to create an online casino account. New members have two options to create an account with Maxim88. The first one is to manually go to the Maxim88 official site and find the big Join Now button highlighted in gold at the top right corner of the screen. From there, much like creating an account on any other social media sites, you should pick a username and a password for your account. The account registration process at Maxim88 also requires you to fill in your full name, phone number, email address. There is also an option to fill in the referral ID if you have been invited to join the Maxim88 family by a close friend or acquaintance, this tells Maxim88 who has invited you to sign up for an account at Maxim88, and the online casino team will send them a bonus reward as thanks. 

Furthermore, if you do not wish to sign up for an account yourself, you can always use the live chat function to contact the customer support team at Maxim88. Their team is super friendly and supportive and will help you in any way possible. Do not hesitate to contact them if you ever run into any trouble during the signing up process or you have any further questions about the Maxim88 raffle draw.

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