Document Handling Made Easy!

Technology has almost eradicated the use of pen and paper. We are working on our laptops and smartphones to perform the smallest of tasks. 

Perform calculation? Smartphone.

Share files? Laptop.

Edit pictures? Smartphone.

Make a grocery list? Tablet.

Every solution to a problem lies in technology today. But many are still struggling with managing our documents in digital format. We often try to search for a document on our phone or laptop, and we are unable to find it. Managing documents can get a little tricky in the online mode sometimes. 

This article helps you with document handling by suggesting some cool websites and applications. Let us dive right in!

  1. Google Drive

The tagline of Google Drive can be “many problems, one solution.” It is a cloud-based platform where you can create, store and share different files and folders. It provides up to 15 GB of free storage, which is enough for document storage. You can buy different plans beyond that. Files in Google Drive can be easily accessed from your phone, laptop, or desktop using the internet.

  1. PDFSimpli

Documents are generally shared using the PDF file format because of its excellent features. PDFSimpli is a simple tool that allows you to perform various actions on PDFs like editing, splitting, merging, or even how to rotate PDF and save it. You can even convert one file format to another and save as PDF.

  1. Apple Apps

If you are an iOS user, then the various Apple Apps are best for document handling. The Apple Pages, Numbers, and Keynote can help you keep your documents sorted. The amazing features like developing spreadsheets with images and tabular data are a great plus. Even if you change or upgrade your drive, these apps will sync with your Apple ID, and no data will be lost.

  1. Microsoft Office

The most popular platform over the years to create, edit and organize documents is still relevant in today’s time. MS Office has adapted itself to the technological advancements and given the best updates to help you get better with your documentation. Even today, it is extensively used in every office, school, university, college, and everywhere.

  1. Evernote

A powerful note-taking app that allows you to take down handwritten notes, receipts, and audio, is a blessing. It can be easily integrated with Google Drive and DropBox to make your work a smooth sail.



Bookmark these websites and make your life easy by managing your documentation. A good-looking document can make a lasting impression on anyone. 


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