Discover the Different Grades of Weed Strain Quality

Cannabis buds are available in various strains, flavours, THC and CBD concentrations, and overall quality. Buds of high quality, such as the Pink Island strain, can offer an outstanding smoking experience with potent psychoactive effects.

For beginners, assessing the quality of a bud can be a complex task. By utilizing the cannabis grading system, one can easily categorize their bud and ascertain its quality.

This guide explains the various grades of cannabis buds, their appearance, scent, and effects on the body and mind. It aims to help people understand the quality of their cannabis by providing valuable information.

The A-AAAA+ Grading System 

Understanding the grading systems used in different industries can be confusing, as they vary widely. Therefore, using one grading system is best to avoid confusion. The A-AAAA+ system is a reliable, straightforward grading system that provides accurate and easy-to-understand grades. 

Here are the Different Gradings:


The highest quality of marijuana, known as AAAAA Grade, represents excellence. Only the most exceptional plants reach this level of quality. Though the variance may be nuanced, these buds are dense, fragrant, and coated in trichomes. Additionally, they produce an exceptional taste, mainly when used for vaping.

AAAAA cannabis is a superior quality in the cannabis industry and comes in different names, such as “fire,” “chronic,” “dank,” and “flame.” This type of cannabis commands a significantly higher price, similar to the pricing of the best wines or aged whiskeys.


“Quads” or AAAA grade cannabis from Canada is a premium product that excels in all aspects, such as its THC/CBD content, appearance, size of the buds, trichome density, and terpenoid concentration. 

The product is almost perfect, and only the most dedicated cannabis enthusiasts may be able to detect this. The product’s scent is robust, potent, and very pleasant at this level.

AAA Weed 

Triple A or AAA marijuana refers to a type of cannabis that is of high quality and potency but slightly less potent than AAAA cannabis. AAA cannabis may have minor growth or harvesting irregularities affecting its quality. However, it is still a good choice for those seeking a high-quality cannabis experience. Additionally, AAA buds are usually less expensive than AAAA buds.

AA Weed

One option for those who want to experience the effects of cannabis but are on a tight budget is to consider purchasing low-cost buds, also known as budget buddies or AA weed. While these strains may be less expensive, they are still of good quality and can provide a satisfying high. AA cannabis is often the most affordable option available.

A Weed

Certified dispensaries typically don’t carry low-quality marijuana. Even if a particular batch may appear to be a bud, the harvester and manufacturers will usually discard it. 


While consuming low-quality marijuana may still cause some level of intoxication, the negative effects and after-effects will indicate that it’s not a high-quality product.

How to Know the Bad Low-Quality Weed

To identify the quality of weed, besides relying on the grading system, you can also use its individual characteristics. Here are some characteristics you can use to differentiate between low-quality and top-shelf weed:


Low-quality marijuana often smells like a skunk, but it may have a slight sweetness to it. However, it’s important to avoid choosing weed with a strong skunky odour if you want to experience its psychoactive effects or use it for medicinal purposes.


Marijuana that is of poor quality does not excel in terms of taste. The location and manner in which the marijuana is grown can also influence its flavour. 

If the marijuana is of low quality, it will have a pungent, harsh flavour and earthy undertones. Your personal preference will decide if you want to try this weed. While it’s not the worst taste available, it lacks the distinctive flavour of high-quality strains.


Low-quality gives effects that are mild and noticeable right after use. It is not typically used to treat serious medical conditions but is often associated with increasing appetite (“munchies”). This type of marijuana is most commonly associated with the 1960s and 1970s, when it was predominantly grown by non-specialized individuals.

While a small quantity of marijuana may not significantly affect experienced cannabis users, beginners should expect to feel relaxed shortly after smoking.


When it comes to weed, the THC content plays a significant role in determining the level of intoxication. Low-quality weed usually contains about 12 to 15% THC, which may not seem like a lot. However, this is comparable to light beer and tequila.


The quality of weed depends on multiple factors, from its taste and smell to its THC content and effects. These characteristics form the cannabis grading system (A-AAAAA+). 

Considering a strain’s grade matters because it can significantly impact the overall experience. Additionally, personal preference plays a significant role in determining the quality of the strain you want to buy.

To get the best product, buy from a trustworthy source and read reviews to increase the likelihood of getting a satisfactory product.

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