Diamond Cut – Very Good Vs Good

There are two main differences between a diamond that is rated very good and one that is rated good. A diamond with a very high GIA cut grade is called Very Good. It has a girdle percentage greater than 75%, but does not have the fire and brilliance of a good diamond. A very poor cut grade lacks symmetry, makes the stone appear small for its weight, and does not retain the light that enters it.

Important qualities

The cut of a diamond has many important qualities that are influenced by its shape. The angles, proportions, symmetry, and polish of a diamond are primarily determined by its cut. These qualities are directly related to the fire, brilliance, and scintillation of the stone. While a diamond with an excellent cut can look dazzling, a poor cut can be a waste of money.

Lower sparkle

Diamonds with a very good cut can have lower sparkle and lower fire. A very good diamond can still be considered excellent, even if it is a very cheap stone. A very good diamond will have a higher sparkle factor than a very poor diamond. For these reasons, it is advisable to consider a high-end cut grade if you’re considering buying a diamond. If you’re on the fence about which type to choose, don’t forget that a very good diamond will also have a higher price tag.

Perfectly fine

A very good diamond should have a 35.0 degree crown angle, which is considered perfectly fine. This will ensure that the brilliance and dispersion of a diamond are balanced. A very good cut grade should also have a seventy percent lower girdle facets. An excellent cut grade means that the facets are all positioned correctly to produce a larger sparkle. A poor cut may also be inferior if its proportions are too pronounced.

Crown angle

A good diamond has a crown angle of 35.0 degrees. It should be face-up and have proportions that are perfectly balanced. A very good diamond has seventy-five percent lower girdle facets, which should be sufficient for a bigger sparkle. A poor cut can affect the look of the diamond. So, when deciding between a very bad and a very poor diamond, it’s important to understand how the grades of a diamond differ.

GIA Good diamonds are poorly cut. The crown angle is too steep, and the pavilions are too shallow. Most diamonds in this range are not very bright. Consequently, this cut grade should not be confused with the GIA Excellent cut. There are also many diamonds in this range with excessively curved crowns, fish eyes, and uneven faces. It’s not a bad diamond, but it’s not a great one.

Very intense

A good diamond is highly lustrous, and its color is very intense. However, a very poor diamond has a shallow cut. A very good diamond is more difficult to get a very good one. A very bad-cut is not a very nice quality. The GIA also has a different classification for excellent and very-good. The GIA has two standards for the cut of diamonds.

An excellent diamond will have a symmetrical face. A very-good diamond is cut very well to avoid the appearance of imperfections. A very-good diamond will have a high symmetry index. A very-good diamond will have fewer flaws. A very-good diamond will have countless facets, and is a perfect example of a very-good diamond. Diamond cut good vs very good is also a very good choice.

Cut index

A very-good diamond has an extremely low GIA cut index. It has more light leakage and a lower sparkle factor. This is due to a lower light-returning surface area. Very-good diamonds are often difficult to see and are therefore not recommended for custom made engagement ring. A very-good diamond, on the other hand, is much easier to detect. Its size is not important for the GIA cut index.

In Last:

A very-good diamond will have an equilateral triangle, but the diamond in the middle will have a symmetrical table. A diamond with a table that is too narrow will have a narrow-cut table. If the girdle is too shallow, it will be a very-good diamond. Its symmetry is critical to a diamond’s sparkle. A very-good diamond will not be difficult to see, so it is important to know the difference between very-good cuts.