Deer Hunting Without Tree Stand

Many people believe the only way to hunt a deer is from a treetop. However, you can always hunt successfully from the ground. The major thing is to make yourself invisible to the whitetails.

The advantages of hunting from a treetop include:

  • Hiding from the animals.
  • Having a broader view range.
  • Getting a better shooting angle.

Also, it is safer to shoot from the tree downward than on a horizontal level. If you shoot downward from the top of a tree and miss the target, you are sure the bullet or arrow will only hit the ground. If you shoot from the ground and miss the target, it may accidentally hit someone nearby.

However, attaching the tree stand on the tree may be difficult as most of them are heavy. When struggling to attach the stand to a tree, it may generate noise loud enough to scare the games away. Then the entire activity will become futile. But most importantly, a tree stand may break loose from the tree and cause a vital accident. Some hunters had lost their lives due to such accidents. So, if you want to hunt from the ground, what do you have to do to be successful.

As explained in, the first and the most important thing is to camouflage well. Make sure you put on attire that will perfectly hide you from the deer. It would help if you also watched your movements. Deer can detect movement from a distance. Hence standstill most of the time and observe the environment.

Also, if you are on the tree, you can see the deer at a longer distance than when you are on the ground, but you can increase your view range by using a binocular. A visual aid will help you see the whitetails from afar and make more accurate shooting. You can look for the best hunting binoculars under 200 to increase your viewing range.

Make Sure Your Deer is Dead

Male deer is famous for its antlers. The horns are not just there for identity, but the animal uses them for defense. If you shoot a deer, whether with a gun or bow, make sure it is dead before taking it from the ground. Otherwise, you may risk the animal attacking you with its horns.

The golden rule is to hit the wounded deer with a stick and ensure it is perfectly dead before touching it. There are cases of hunters that grabbed deer after shooting them. Unknown to them, the animal still had enough energy to inflict deadly injury.

The Take-Away

Hunting deer from a tree stand is common, but you can also hunt them from the ground. To hunt successfully on the ground, put on hunting kits that will blend with the environment, get a pair of binoculars to increase your viewing range, and when you shoot, make sure the deer is dead before you touch it.

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