DC vs GT: experience vs favorites

One of the interesting matches of the IPL 2022 will be the confrontation between the Delhi Capitals and the Gujarat Titans, in which the new team has a chance to show their abilities in a match against this year’s favorite.

What will Gujarat Titans be able to show

Gujarat Titans is a young team founded in 2021 and owned by CVC Capital Partners. The 2022 IPL will be the first performance of the team, which will allow it to find strengths and weaknesses for further development. The team captain is Hardik Pandya, a right-handed all-rounder with experience in test and T20 matches. The team consists mainly of national players, among which are the spinner Rashid Khan and the batter Shubman Gill. In addition, the team includes South African batter David Miller and New Zealand seam bowler Lokie Ferguson.

In general, the team has a fairly strong line-up of players that can show a good level of play on the field. In the IPL schedule, which can be viewed at, the match against the favorite Delhi Capitals can be a good indicator of how really the team is ready for such serious matches. Among the weaknesses, one can single out that the team has predominantly right-handed players, in connection with which the enemy teams are able to develop an effective strategy. However, this is offset by the experience of players who have high performance in test matches and have shown performance in international tournaments.

In general, the team has a quite good performance “on paper”, but the game on the field can be radically different. First of all, due to the fact that they are facing a much stronger opponent, who has achieved amazing results in the last 2 years and is one of the strongest competitors in this year. For Gujarat Titans, this is a great opportunity to look at their game from the outside and identify those areas that need to be worked on. This experience will be useful both in further IPL 2022 matches and in subsequent seasons.

What is the strength of the Delhi Capitals?

In this match and in general, in the IPL 2022, the Delhi Capitals can be identified as the main favorites who are aimed at winning. Thanks to the retention of Rishabh Pant as captain, as well as a large number of strong and young players, the team is able to show an even higher pace and quality of play compared to last year. Also, it is worth noting a team of experienced coaches who help the players to get the best possible shape and maintain it throughout the season. Together, all these factors will allow DС to have exciting matches, including against the Gujarat Titans.

The favorites have a clear advantage both in the strength and endurance of the players and in skills. In addition, the morale of the team, which aims to win first place this year, also has a noticeable effect. Also, it is worth canceling the synergy among the players on the field thanks to the captain’s work and instructions from the coaching staff. However, despite having an IPL rookie up against them, it pays to be prepared for anything, as cricket is a very volatile game.

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