Curly Wig, Wet and Wavy Wigs, and Deep Wave Wig

If you are searching for an entirely new look that will bring out the chick in you and also make you look glammy, search no more. Luvme hair has got you covered with the best affordable curly, wet wavy wigs, and deep wavy wigs.

You don’t need to be stuck in a particular style anymore because these lovely sets of hair will not only give you a new look but also make you stand out. All you need to do is to be able to identify the difference between these beauty enhancers.

In this article, you will see the qualities, and benefits, of this glamourous set of wigs you should look out for. Get ready to know how to choose the best wig that will give you your best look!


  • What is curly wigs
    • Types of curly wigs
  • Wet and wavy wigs
  • Why choose wet and wavy wigs
  • Deep wave wigs
  • Deep wave vs. Water wave: What’s the difference

Let’s dive in.

Curly Wigs

Curly wigs or wavy wigs come in different types and variations as well as with different names, making them individually unique. Curly wigs can come as silky straight or kinky hair. Whichever you opt for, you can always get a great fit for your style.

Types of Curls Wigs

Various types of curly wigs include:

  • Wet waves: Wet or water waves are achieved when you dampen your wig. This action makes the curls face each other in an opposite direction hence, the curls are defined with a voluminous look
  • Body waves: Body waves have an ‘S’ shape and pattern. Usually, many people opt for it because its curls are more loose and free than any other curl
  • Deep waves: You can easily confuse a deep wave with a wet wave. However, the major difference lies in their curl pattern and fitting. Deep wave wigs are flatter with tight curls

Wet and Wavy Wigs

The wet and wavy wig is a style you can get by just dampening your wig. No chemicals or heat are needed to achieve this unique style. After you comb or brush your wet and wavy wig with a wide-tooth comb, you can always revive the curls with water.

The wet wig makes you feel like your wig is flowing like water and thus, the wet and wavy wigs have become popular due to this versatility. It has various hair textures for everybody no matter your hair texture, it also has a straight and wavy style. And yes, a wet and wavy wig can be permed.

Merely by washing or dampening your wet and wavy wig, it will form its curls by itself.

Why Choose Luvme Hair Wet and Wavy Wigs

Wet and wavy wigs have desirable features that make them popular. These features include:

  • Easy to maintain: All you need to do is to dampen and oil your hair to get your style. Again, you can wear it straightened or curled as you wish
  • Luxurious and soft look: Wet and wavy wigs have a great curls pattern that is rich, soft, and thick. It gives you a fresh, natural, and shiny look with just a few bundles
  • Last long: With the proper grooming, your wet and wavy wig will have a long lifespan. Its beauty increases as you wear it more

How to Maintain Your Wet and Wavy Wig

  • Activate your wig curl pattern by moistening it with water
  • Tie your wet and wavy wig into different sections and apply your preferred oil
  • Brush or comb out each section and gently place them in a wig stand to air dry before wearing it
  • You can straighten your wet and wavy wig by using either a flat iron, curling iron, or a straightening comb

Deep Wave Wigs

Deep wave wigs have a closed curl pattern and are neater compared to wet wave wigs. Just as stated above, its curl’s position is different from that of the wet and wavy wig. However, for it to last long, you will need to give it proper maintenance.

The wig is voluminous in size and is also neat to behold. It is tangle-free with a double weft and has different textures to satisfy different hair textures as well. The curls are in one direction with high elasticity. You can dye, bleach, Iron, and even perm your deep wave wig.

Deep Wave VS. Water Wave — What’s the difference?

Because wet and wavy wigs and deep wavy wigs look alike both in structure and texture, you might find it difficult to differentiate between them. However, they have their uniqueness and differences.

The major difference lies in their curl pattern and volume. Unlike the deep wave wigs, wet wave wigs curls do not run in one direction. Also, wet wave wigs have more volumes than deep wave wigs making them look fuller.


Looking for your next wig to buy, luvme hair has got you covered. Whatever look you desire to go for, there’s definitely a luvme hair for you—alternate your look with our curly, wet and wavy, and deep wave wigs. For more information, do well to contact us.