csgo dust 2 map callout guide

dust 2 is the most famous map of csgo, and it is also a map that is very popular among players. Even though it has been released for more than 20 years, the popularity of dust 2 is still unabated, so the editor brings you a guide to marking dust 2, if you are just now Beginning to play, you can use this guide to familiarize yourself with the location of the map so that you can communicate accurately with your teammates. If you want to know more about csgo callouts dust 2, please visit gametopn.com .

1. All dust 2 map labels

There are many areas marked by players in the dust 2 map. If you can remember these marked points, it will make the communication between players easier . The following picture shows all the markings in the dust 2 map , you can save them down for memory.

Second, dust 2 map annotation explanation

of the different area marking points in dust 2 is given below . You can increase your understanding of dust 2 marking by reading the following content .

CT Spawn

Below A Short, is the spawn point for CT .

T Spawn

Also known as T Base , it is the spawn point for terrorists.

T ramp

It is a stair ramp leading from T Spawn to the outer B tunnel .


Also known as T-Plat and Football , is an elevated platform leading from T Spawn to the outer B tunnel, next to T Ramp .

Outer Tunnels

Also known as Outer Tunnels , Outer Tunnels are the open areas outside the B tunnel when approaching the B tunnel down from T Spawn and T Ramp .

Upper Tunnels

Component of the B tunnel , starting at the B tunnel entrance at T Spawn and ending at the choke point at the B bomb site .

Lower Tunnels

Another component of the B tunnel , which starts from the upper tunnel and leads to the corridor connecting the tunnel and the middle.

B Close

Also known as Close Left , it is an action-oriented call site , a hidden location in the left corner after leaving the tunnel to reach the B site.

B closet

Located at the corner of the B-Site, to the right of the tunnel, behind the B-car .

B Car

Cars on site B , on the right side of the tunnel and on the left side of gate B , a cover position.

B Platform

A wide area next to the default location where bombs can be placed.

Back Boxes

on the back of the B Plat that needs a different label because it’s hard to see from the bomb side in the rear box .

Big Box

Also known as B XBox , it is a box on the B site .

Double Stack

stacked together in the middle of the B bomb site and near the Big Box .

B Default

the B window , the area where the bomb is placed on the B site.

B Window

Refers to a window on the right side of the wall , you can use the boxes below to climb through the window to reach the CT Mid.

B Back Site

Located on the back of the B-bomb site, including the area behind all boxes on the B standard .

B Doors

A slightly ajar double door from CT Mid to Site B.

B boxes

Refers to a box between the CT Mid and Door B that can be used as a cover .


The fenced wall at Site B, is a hidden hideout that is barely visible from the tunnel perspective .


The construction area opposite the B window of CT mid can be used for cover and climbing.

CT Mid

Includes development areas between B-Site, Mid and CT Spawn .

Mid Doors

Connect the middle door and the CT middle door .

Close Mid Doors

After entering from Mid , it is in a corner to the right of Mid Doors .


A set of crates near Mid Doors .


The area in the middle of the map , the ramp that stretches from Mid Doors to Top Mid.


In the vicinity of Top Mid, next to the runway , there used to be a palm tree.

Center Right

looking towards T-Spawn from the middle door , this area is an alcove on the right.

Top Mid

that connects Mid with Suicide and Outside Mid.


A shortcut from T Spawn to Mid , within sight of Mid Doors .

Outside Long

Connect T Spawn and Long Doors to an open area in A Long.

Long Doors

Refers to a channel connecting A Long and Outside Long .


Refers to a large blue shipping crate located opposite A Long Doors .

Side Pit

A hidden area to the right of the Long Door .


Opposite A Site Default , is a downward sloping area near A Long .

Pit Plat

at position A is the platform on the left side of the pit .

A Long

long, narrow passage connecting the Long Doors , Pit and A-Bomb Site .

Long Corner

Corner of a building corner cover near a long gate , usually used to cover the sides.

A car

A car near A Long that can be used to view A Short and A Long.

A Cross

An open area between A Long, CT Spawn, and A Site .

a ramp

Sloping ramp connecting A Cross and A bomb site.

A Standard

Located on a raised platform with a box , is the bomb site on A Site.


Is a barrel near the A Site fence that provides cover.


There is a graffiti goose on the wall behind A Site and Barrels .


The A-Site platform, near the inner corner of the CT Spawn side below , is where the CTs regroup.

Short Boost

Trash cans and crates near CT Spawn , CT can use these to come to A Short.

A Platform

Refers to the wide platform area side by side with the point A planting position.

A Ninja

hiding spot behind a crate near A Grounds A-Short .

A Kurzer

passageway connecting the Catwalk and A Bomb Site .


Stairs connecting Catwalk and A Short.


The elevated walkway in Mid is the path from A Short to A Site .

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