Core Skillset Polished by Amazon AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Certbolt Certification

Dubbed as one of the most respectable cloud certifications, the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner takes your career to a roaring success. It’s highly recommended for those who want to step up their knowledge of the entire AWS cloud platform. With this designation, you get to prepare yourself for a technical role according to the needs of the industry and your preference. Learn more about this foundational certbolt certification and its related CLF-C01 exam and start plotting your AWS professional path.    

Skills Addressed by CLF-C01

As for the topics measured by the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner, you will have to be able to:


  • Explicate the key cloud concepts


Mastering the basic features of AWS cloud is the first step to become a skilled cloud practitioner. Take time to comprehend the AWS concepts, particularly its value proposition and economics. You also have to study how to distinguish various principles of cloud architecture design.

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  • Focus on the security and compliance aspects


Next in line is your understanding of the AWS shared responsibility model, which is the allocation of the pertinent security tasks in the cloud between Certbolt AWS and the clients. This practice, however, depends on the deployed services as well as the abstract level. In this section, you will also be presented with the best security practices, compliance concepts, and access management attributes. With your knowledge, it will be easy for you to ascertain resources to be utilized for security support.


  • Give emphasis to technology


The third domain talks about your skills in outlining methods for AWS cloud deployment and operation. Therefore, it’s significant that you can efficiently identify principal Certbolt AWS services that are commonly used. The comprehension of compute, storage, network, and database is also a foremost requirement, together with technical support solutions.


  • Highlight the importance of billing and pricing


Now, for the last area, it highlights more on your abilities in working with the financial features of AWS cloud. These include the costs, billing practices, pricing models, account structures, and overall economics. Another vital skill that you need to mug up is how you categorize resources needed for billing support. For more visit   

Key Aspects before You Kick off Your Certification Journey

If the above-mentioned skillset highly fascinates you, then you can start accomplishing the prerequisites for the AWS Certbolt Certified Cloud Practitioner. Candidates for this certification must have at least six months of industry knowledge in AWS cloud, focusing on its fundamental services. For CLF-C01, you are given two options, either to take it at a testing center or avail of the proctored online validation. The time limit is 90 minutes, with a score range of 100 to 1000 points. To pass this evaluation, you need to get at least 700. If you are successful with this foundational designation, you can pursue advanced AWS cloud certifications to solidify your skills. You have three technical roles to choose from ― Architects, Operations, and Developers. Or you can opt for the AWS specialty track and develop a specific domain of your choice.


The AWS cloud platform is no doubt the front runner when it comes to the best and most reliable cloud platforms. Hence, deciding to be part of the Amazon community through the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner certbolt certification is such a reasonable and positive career move. So, don’t miss this chance and start shaping your AWS cloud profession.

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